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Free PDF Converter Tools: Alternative For Paid PDF Tools

Talks about using free PDF tools as a work around for paid PDF tools. It describes free creator, Free PDF Converter tool, and editor PDF tools, that are available as online and offline services


Free PDF Converter Tools – Guidline

Use Free Software Tools for PDF

You can avoid using paid PDF tools, by using free PDF tools instead. There are many sources available for free PDF tools. Some convert other files to PDF files, some convert PDF files to other formats and some do both.

Some of these are online tools and some are offline; they take the form of creators, Free PDF Converter tools, and editors.


PDF Online Converters

Other Formats to PDF

Free PDF Converter Tools Alternative For Paid PDF ToolsThere are many free online software options available, to which you can send your documents for conversion. Some of these online services convert other document files to PDF files. If you want to know how to convert Word to PDF for instance, there are some online sources you can check out.

Express PDF converts Microsoft Office Documents, including Word to PDF, while LOOP allows you to convert and combine files into a single PDF document. PDF-It is a Firefox extension that uses an online service by to convert any page into a PDF. is a web service and API that turns your website to PDF.

PDFonline converts document to PDF, web to PDF and PDF to word, and provides PDF service for iPhone. You can also check out Koolwire, RSS2PDF (RSS to PDF converter), Document Converter eXpress, and htm2PDF (web page to PDF converter).

PDF to Other Formats

Some free online software companies convert PDF files to other formats. ShowPDF converts PDF files to HTML files. Web2PDF Online allows visitors to your website or blog to download free PDF versions of HTML files.

Zamzar converts PDF to many document formats. PDFTextOnline (docuharvest) allows you to convert PDF files into data that is copyable.

PDF Image Tools

Some free online converters offer image tools. FreePDFConvert is a software program that converts MS office, images, Vector graphic format files and web pages to PDF, or Microsoft word and Excel files to PDF. Online PDF Converter converts your PDF files to text or image (JPEG, PNG, GIF, TIFF).

PDF Booklet Tools

You can make booklets in PDF format using free online tools. Youblisher is a free hosted flipping page software tool that allows you to upload and display PDF files like the pages of a book. GeneratorBookletCreator allows you to create a booklet from a PDF document.


PDF Offline Converters

Other Formats to PDF

There are some free offline tools that you can download to your PC that will allow you to do your own PDF conversions. Some of these convert other formats to PDF. PDF955 converts professional quality documents into PDF format; doPDF converts Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint,your email, and websites to PDF.

BullZip PDF Printer works as a Microsoft windows printer and allows you to write PDF documents for any Microsoft Windows application. PrimoPDF allows you to Create PDF files from 300+ file types and works with print, screen, e-book, or prepress.

PDFConverter Desktop is Windows software that allows you to convert documents directly from your desk top to PDF format.

PDF to Other

Some offline converters change PDF into other formats. PDF to JPG allows you convert PDF file to JPG, TIFF and other graphical formats. PDF to Text Converter allows you to extract text from PDF files without the need for Adobe acrobat.

PDF to Word Doc Converter converts Adobe PDF files to Word doc files.

Image and Flash Movie Tools

PDF Image Converter converts PDF pages to high quality image files. PDF Ripper extracts charts, text, images, and formulas from PDF files.

SWF Printer Pro converts DOC, XLS and HTML documents to standalone flash movy (.swf) presentations with navigation and PDF document format with optional security support.


Free PDF Editor Tools

If you want to use a PDF editor free, then there are some sources that you can check out. Google Docs, Free, PDF Hammer, PDFfiller, PDFescape, Gizmos, gOffice Web Word Wizard, and Softonic (for Mac) are all sources that allow you to edit for PDF documents for free.

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