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Tricks Window PR 4, is now open for all Guest Authors and writers to submit articles which are related to Tricks Window niche. In return you can earn benefits like exposure, you will a get back link for your content or blog in other words traffic & recognition for your own blog.



Tricks Window Is Zone Of Technical News, Tricks For Web, Blogging Tricks, SEO, Hacks, Network, Mobile Tricks, Android, Smart Phones, Security, Apple, Google.

You can submit articles as a Guest Author on Tricks Window for computer tricks, blogging, SEO related tips or updates, Internet Tips, Technology related news or review and many more.

What You Can Earn With Tricks Window Guest Post

As all of us know that guest posting is the best technique which provides you branding your blog or business with high quality back links for free and earn traffic for new visitors as well as subscribers indirectly.

In simple words, you can earn lot things, just follow a rule for your blog : Good content+Related Backlink + Traffic + Recognition=Top on Google. Each article will be promoted on Social media sites and community at free of cost.

  • Branding your blog or business
  • A high quality back links for free To improve your search engine ranking.
  • Get organic traffic to your blog.
  • A brief description about you and/or your blog
  • Social media sites and community promotion at free of cost.


Following are basic Guideline for submitting guest post on Tricks Window. We give all the liberty to self promotion until unless it’s not hindering our readers readability and guidelines. So make it sure you are reading following guideline. Please read the guidelines carefully,

Guest Post Acceptance Guideline

  • Submit article which is unique not published on your blog or any other blog in original or any modified form.
  • The article should be high in quality and in simple English, proofread articles.
  • The article should be around 600+ words.


Guest Post Rejection Guideline

  • We reject previously published in same/modified form on your/any other site.
  • We reject self promotional articles for your product / service.
  • We reject promoting products / services / companies.
  • We reject hidden info /Misrepresentation of facts.
  • We reject writing for third-party sites.
  • We reject inappropriate / abusive language.
  • We reject articles with too much of grammatical errors.


  • You can only add “one dofollow link” to your website in author bio(else nowhere within the article), by completing your account profile.
  • You cannot add external links within the post.
  • Article should not contain Affiliate links / Sponsored links / Keyword links.
  • Article should not contain links to unrelated sites / companies / deeplinks / Links solely for purpose of anchor text for keyword SEO.
  • You cannot link to banned sites / adult sites / redirects / Suspicious sites.
  • You cannot sell links to your clients from your article.
  • We will not link to hired third-party / freelance professional writers linking to different products or services for linking / promotional purposes.


  • Register yourself at and upload a pic of yourself  but not any company logo.
  • Register with the same email ID from here.
  • Log in to your account and fill up your profile completely or your submission will remain pending.
  • Write an article with above mentioned guidelines and submit the article for review
  • You article will be reviewed and published within 12 hours. Subscribe to our blog feed to get notified when your article gets published.
  • Make sure you respond to comments and discussions in your published post.
  • For all communications the email id you enter in your profile will be used. So make sure you provide an email address that you use regularly.


  • If you have a post that meets the requirements above, you can contact me through contact Page.

Note : We have the right to delete the post or edit/remove the links to nofollow without any notice, if found violating the above mentioned guidelines.

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