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Five Best Business Cards Printing Examples

Business cards signifies one’s nature of business, activities, job or profession to others. Therefore business cards are most important in life; how you can expose yourself to others.

Business card don’t mean to be only cards with some printed contents; it may be in different structure to represent or advertise you to others. However most of the people used printing business card of size as of ATM card; as it is easier to carry inside the money purse or wallets.

Business Cards Printing Examples

Business cards can be printed on any size and shape; however the most prominent and used business cards examples are described in this article.


Top 5 Best Business Cards Printing Examples

1) One Sided Business Cards

One sided business cards are the best and look professional to promote or express your business or profession to somebody. These cards are normally horizontally with a size of ID-1 format; i.e. 3.370 x 2.125 inch or 85.60 x 53.98 mm.

Apart from this different postcard sized business card can be printed; sizes are 4”x6”, 5”x7” and 6”x11”. However, the ID-1 size card is one of the best business cards printing examples preferred mostly.


2) Double Sided Business Cards

Many businessperson used to print their cards in both sides to express a short review of their business or profession to others. In double-sided cards you can print your business address and communication details; other side about your business details.


3) Vertical Business Cards

Vertical cards became a trendy in these days. The size may be of ID-1 format or more than that; but printed vertically, can be kept and highlighted stylishly to others. Many people prints vertically in a bigger size to show in the display cart or boards in their office.


4) Folded Business Cards

It makes your card four times extra than a normal business card. It is one of the best business cards printing examples, where you can put complete information about your business and communication.

On front side, you may keep your company logo or photograph with a small tagline; backside, you can mention your company address with communication details and inside the fold you can describe complete information about your business or profession.


5) Custom Shaped Business Cards

Other than the four standard types of business cards some used to print business cards in different shaped papers. Some of those are, 2”x2” or 4”x4” square sized, round shaped, bullet shaped, capsule shaped, oval-shaped, cocktail cards, triangle business cards, tear cards and many others. Size and shape doesn’t matter if you promote something on a quality paper, bright color with professional fonts.


This is all about five best business card printing examples; you can choose and made up of with any size and shaped business card that suits your business or profession. In addition, for more details and template styles for business cards you can search on web.


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