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Computer Maintenance ~ Dos and Donts

There are many who fail to pay attention to computer maintenance, much like how there are few who go way over the limit thinking about safety and ruin their computers! Here’s a list of Dos’s and Don’ts that will help you keep your computer smooth and faster.

One of Worst Computer Maintenance Mistakes

We all know, even a simple mistake as it may seem, can wreak havoc and ruin your Computer altogether. It could be overlooking a few instructions on a software “Read Me” file, to installing the wrong versions of computer maintenance software.

Several programs are out that claim to fix your computer

While it might be effective on your other system with a different version of Windows, it need not be so for the other! Yes, installing older software for newer versions and vice versa could render the system useless. They corrupt the OS or cause other damage, so checking on the appropriate versions for the OS installed, are very important.

Computer Maintenance - Dos and Don’ts for Your Computer


Optimizing Memory – Is it a Myth?

To start with, there are numerous programs that claim to optimize your system memory. Few others talk about defragmentation, to make your system work faster. However, this is not true! Yes, it might optimize the memory or defragment it, how well they do it, is the concern here! Even when it is done, the increase in speed would be minimal.

When compared with the advantage and disadvantage, disadvantages are more. Yes, aligning the memory of your computer, risks the working of programs installed. There are times when after running a defragmenter / memory fragmenting program, few programs don’t work and can’t be uninstalled either!

This is one reason why, ONLY WINDOWS is given access to system memory. While reputed programs are alright, newer programs from amateur companies are NOT OK. It is in fact good to avoid all programs that claim to boost the system speed, without a second thought.


When Good Intentions Go Wrong With Computer

If there’s one useful computer maintenance effort, it is cleaning Windows Registry. When Windows 95 and Windows 98 were in use, cleaning the registry every year was mandatory. However, now it is optional, but it is highly recommended. Here are some registry hacking Tricks for Windows XP

However, I don’t recommend any Registry Cleaner without a reputation, but rather, reputed registry cleaners from leading brands. Though there are many registry cleaners, with a few coming for free, they are not reliable in most cases.

You must understand this – cleaning Windows registry, is more like cleaning unwanted and old files. However, you might have something you may need and a person who does not know you, would just throw it away. Same thing goes for a Registry Cleaner, where you must use reliable programs to do the task.

You can find many registry cleaners from reputed brands and sites that offer reviews can come in handy with choosing one. While it might cost a few dollars to get a Registry Cleaner from a reputed brand, it is well worth the investment, considering the time, frustration and energy it will save you in the longer run.


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