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Keep Your Computer Running Effectively

As the old saying goes, “You take care of the computer, and the computer will take care of you”.

I learned this saying the hard way when my computer or my pc went kaput during an important meeting. I stood embarrassed facing a large gathering, mumbling words and juggling cables. The computer turned hostile and failed to respond.

How to get faster computer speedRead on to learn how you can keep your computer running efficiently, how to get faster computer speed and perhaps be spared from the horror of computer failure and how to increase pc speed.

Quick Things How To Increase Speed Of Your Computer

Disk Defragmenter

The files inside your memory drive are kept scattered. A disk defragmenter is a tool that will eliminate the fragments in the drive making efficient use of the memory to my pc. In other words, it will keep the files in the memory disk in a synchronized way without any inhibitions or spaces. Disk defragmenter comes standard in all windows PC. You can view it by clicking on Start>accessories>system tools>Disk Defragmenter.

Disk Cleanup

Disk cleanup is available in the same place where you’ll find the disk defragmenter. The primary function of disk cleanup is to delete temporary files and internet cookies. This will help in significantly clearing the cache memory and increasing the speed of the computer.


Find out ways to secure your computer. An anti-virus will protect your computer in the same way as a mosquito catcher will protect you from mosquito diseases. If a computer virus gets into your system, it can turn your files corrupt and you can lose crucial data.

A fully operational anti-virus software is essential to the health of your computer. Not only will it neutralize a virus, but it can also get rid of worms and Trojans. It’s critical that your anti-virus works in tandem with the windows firewall. A word of caution: Don’t install two different anti-virus software as each of them will see the other as a threat and conflict with each other.

Is your Computer Running Heavy?

The best way to figure out the answer to this question is by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Del. After opening the task manager, you’ll find the total number of applications and processes running on your computer. It will also help you determine the amount of memory being used and the total CPU usage. If the total number of processors running is high and your computer takes considerable time to boot, then you should do the following:

• Go to Run


• Once opened, reduce the number of apps which you feel is irrelevant. However, do not close applications that are used by system.

Backup and Flash Drive

Recently, manufacturers have come up with flash drive as a replacement for the conventional HDD. The advantage of upgrading to a flash drive is that not only are they are quicker, but they don’t crash. With the advent of Sky drive/Cloud computing, you should secure some space on the online server to secure a computer backup for your critical data.


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