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How to Design Custom Stickers?

Custom Stickers designing is not an easy task as it appears. To design a sticker requires a lot of knowledge over art and craft. There are many ways to design custom stickers; may be online or offline depends upon your skill and little knowledge over that.

However I’ve explained an easiest method in this article; which hopes to be helpful for you to design custom stickers and print Custom Stickers.


How to Design Custom Stickers


What You Want To Design For The Custom Stickers?

At first think what you want to design for the custom stickers. Is it any portrait or landscape or cartoon or logo or any line art having no meaning? This is because; portraits and logos cannot be drawn freehandedly; whereas landscape, cartoons and other line arts can be done.

If you want to make custom stickers of any portrait or logo, you need to draw the picture or take photograph and scan into your system to design it for custom stickers. Cartoons, landscapes and other line arts can be drawn directly on the computer with various drawing tools and applications.



Basic Tips To Design Custom Stickers

Knowledge Over Photoshop

If you’ve little knowledge over Photoshop, you can design custom stickers easily without any trouble. Otherwise, you can draw the landscapes, cartoons and line arts on Ms-Paint, Ms-Word or PowerPoint or any other graphic designers.

In Ms-Word 2003 or 2007, you’ll get various lines, shapes, stars, callouts, arrows, blocked arrows, banners and a canvas to draw your own drawings rather than some fixed clip arts. More clip arts can be downloaded from internet if you search as per your subject or topic.


Custom Stickers With Ms-Word or PowerPoint

Design your custom stickers in Ms-Word or PowerPoint; where you can fill colors and write texts wherever requires. After making the design with the available clip arts and shapes merge or group them into one picture or object.

If you designed your custom stickers in Photoshop then copy and paste in Ms-Word. Now click on View menu and check the Ruler button to view the ruler bar.

Measure your drawn art with the ruler and re-size it accordingly as you need. Note it; the items should be grouped while resizing the object. You can group the objects with ‘Ctrl + A’ button or selecting all. Re-size the grouped object with the help of mouse while pressing the Shift key.

Now after measuring and resizing your object to the required size, make some duplicate copies of that object and put in horizontal and vertical lines to fill the complete paper.


How To Print Custom Sticklers

Now the custom stickers are ready to print. If you want to print custom Stickers of around ten sheets (one sheet = one A4 size paper); better to take printouts in Inkjet printers with the help of ten vinyl sticker papers. If you want to print more than twenty or above, better to give order online or go to some printing press for a low-cost.

Printing fifteen or more vinyl papers in inkjet printers will cost more. Within that range you can get good quality prints if your order online. For more than hundred designed customer sticker pages it is better to go for screen-print or offset print to get superior quality custom stickers at a less price.

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