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5 Great Computer Security Tips: Now Computer Is More Secure Than Fort Knox

Computer Security! Yes, this is area where you have to work. How much did you pay for your computer? These days it’s not uncommon to find some machines for pretty cheap, but you know it’s your baby and you always want to spend that little bit more.

Computer definitely needs to be perfect and that takes a lot of cash. It’s money we don’t mind spending because our computer means everything to us and we can spend all day on it if we wanted to. You wouldn’t spend lots of money on a house and leave it open all the time.

Computer Security Tips

If you had ever more valuables inside you would want a security system in place. What makes your computer any different? If you spend lots on it you should definitely have a security system in place.

Something that ensures nothing bad will ever happen to it whether you’re around or not. If you haven’t sorted it out yet I’d think about doing it straight away. There’s a good chance you’re already doing some of these Computer Security tips below, so take a closer look at the ones you’ve forgot about and sort it out today.


Top 5 Computer Security Tips

See who is doing what

If you have lots of random people using your computer you can install keylogging software and you will know if anyone is accessing websites they shouldn’t be. There’s too many ways you can get in trouble these days without actually doing anything wrong.

If someone is playing about on any dodgy sites you could get a virus and it’s going to be a right pain to fix. If you’re not comfortable with this then just block certain websites and in using keylogging software.


Use ant-virus software

It’s not just looking at strange sites that can land you with a virus. It could also be something as simple as clicking on a random email by accident. When they end up on your computer it’s a disaster and you’ll age a few days in the first couple of hours.

Save yourself plenty of stress and get yourself some anti-virus software. There’s lots of free options you can download to try them out for Computer Security.


Use an external hard drive for better Computer Security

Your computer isn’t indestructible and the last thing you need is to wake up and find out it’s decided to break. Who knows if you will ever get your data back?

It’s definitely not something you want to take the risk with, so have an external hard drive that you keep in your office and backup everything you wouldn’t want to lose.

You can even take it with you when you’re traveling somewhere without your computer.


Up in the clouds

There’s going to come a time when we can save everything in the cloud. That time isn’t there yet, but you’d be crazy not to start saving as much as possible into an online storage account. These things are secure and easy to set up. They are also cost effective and sometimes free if you don’t take up too much space.

When you have stuff saved on your computer, and external drive, plus in the cloud there is no way you will lose anything unless you are the unluckiest person on earth.


Saving all your passwords

Everyone should be using a password manager nowadays. Maybe you didn’t need one a few years ago and that’s because there wasn’t too many places you would need a password

You need one password for everywhere these days and there’s far too much of them for you to remember. Don’t be silly and start using the same one for everywhere.

That’s a rookie mistake that’s not going to end well for you. There’s a lot of people that want your private information, so keep it safe and increase your Computer Security indirectly.

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