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How to Find the Best Laptop for You

Finding the right laptop is a very subjective experience. Because different people have different needs form a laptop and different experiences. Before this discussion read this : what should you buy – Laptop Or Desktop Computer?

The chances are that one machine which is the ideal solution for one customer might be a bad fit for another consumer who has very different needs.

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The great thing about the technology market is that there is so much choice and variety that there is a model to suit every consumer and every requirement. However, the huge range of choice can make it very difficult to work out the best laptop for any one person.

However, if you are in the market for a new or used laptop, there are a number of key areas you should investigate.


Key Areas To Investigate While Finding Best Laptop

Laptop screen

There is a huge variety of choice when it comes to laptop screens and whether you choose a 7 inch screen or a 20 inch screen will depend on your requirements.

It’s worth considering what you will use your laptop for and whether you are likely to transport it on a regular basis before deciding on a very small or very large screen.


Operating system / RAM

Discussing an operating system might sound very complex but it’s actually not too complex. The operating system is the one which makes it work and you might know it better as Windows, Mac, Vista or XP. These operating systems are vital to the operation of your machine and without them you won’t be able to do anything.

Many laptops come equipped to host a particular operating system and depending on the particular deal you get. Some may even come with the system already integrated onto the laptop.

A further consideration when choosing a laptop and its operating system is how much ram (memory) the system is going to take form your laptop in order to work properly. It goes without saying that the more memory it takes, the less you have to work with.


Laptop hard drive

It’s a certainty that your machine won’t be able to work without a hard drive and the higher the spec of the hard drive, the faster and more efficiently the machine will work. It’s also a certainty that the bigger and faster the hard drive, the faster it will drain the battery.

With this in mind, it’s a good idea to work out whether it’s speed and power or memory life which will serve you best. Obviously you can still work if the laptop is charging in the mains but you won’t be able to move it as it’s charging.


Laptop Additional extras

Once you’ve figured out the basics and decided whether it’s speed and size which matter to you or whether you’d rather have a more modest machine which is easier to carry. And also has a longer battery life, then it’s time to think specifics.

The majority of modern laptops come with a host of additional functions and capabilities such as CD and DVD drives. And it is these which are essential to some people but also which drive the cost up significantly.


With these tips you should find it easy to find the best laptop for you. In other words before purchasing or selecting Laptop for you select best, for that just thing for a while on above key areas and investigate first.

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