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The Top Things To Do With Your Computer When You’re Stuck In Bed

When I was 15 I was unfortunate enough to break my wrist pretty badly. Suffice to say my whole hand was on backwards and had moved down my arm. These sorts of things don’t heal overnight it turns out, and so I was put in a cast that went from my wrist all the way up to my shoulder, had various pins inserted into my bones, and was told not to move around too much in case it caused the bones to move.

I had several months ahead of me to spend doing nothing but sitting in front of the TV with my arm elevated on a pile of cushions – which was rather stressful seeing as I was a very active kid – an avid martial artist, bodybuilder and freerunner in my spare time.

It would have been easy to sink into something of a depression at this point, but fortunately I had one secret weapon to employ: my laptop. An old 486 to be precise that was just about powerful enough to play Duke Nukem 2 (yep, not even the 3D version!).

However what it did have was an internet connection, and my determination to do something useful with all this time.

Thus I ended up using the time to teach myself HTML and build my first website. I then filled this website with reams of information and eventually that website would grow to earn me thousands of dollars and to create numerous career opportunities for me that wouldn’t have otherwise existed.

It’s a happy little story, but I’m not here to boast. The point is, that if you’re stuck in bed for whatever reason, there is a silver lining. Now you have a rare opportunity to focus on your passions, to better yourself, to learn and to plan. It’s now easier than ever before to get online and to start doing great creative things, so the world is at your finger-tips. Use this time wisely and you can emerge as a more powerful and productive version of yourself!


To Do With Your Computer When You’re Stuck In Bed

Here are some of the best uses for your time

Learn Something

Most of us have something we would love to learn if only we had the time, and if you’re stuck in bed with nothing but a computer for company then there’s no better time.

Learn Something When You Stuck In Bed

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Now would be a great time to start learning a language for instance, or alternatively to learn programming of some sort so that you can start creating your own games and apps. You could alternatively just develop some existing skills – why not improve your web design abilities for instance? Or brush up on your writing ability?


Start a Project

Another great way to use this time is to build some new kind of project. In my case this was a website, but there are many others you can start too. A great way to escape from your current situation for instance and to do something you can be truly proud of would be to start writing a novel. This takes a lot of time and dedication, so if anything you might find yourself hoping your recovery slows down!


Start a Online Business

Another form of project is to form some kind of business, or just to start trying to earn money online.

Start a Online Business

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There are countless ways to make a living on the internet or just to supplement your income – whether that means writing articles for webmasters, creating and selling an app, providing a service on Fiverr, or buying and selling goods on eBay.


Write a Blog

Writing a blog about your current recovery is a very constructive way to use your time that can have many benefits. For one it’s a great way to express yourself which can help you to feel better, but at the same time it also invites other people into your situation which is a great way to get support. In the future you may find that your blog could really help someone going through the same thing you did.


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