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Infographic – The Brands Which Rule Twitter!

One of the best things about social media is that it has given brands a fresh way to interact with consumers. Twitter especially has been put to good use by many brands who have fully embraced the opportunity to interact with their audience in real time offering them a new style of customer service while helping their consumers to really engage with products and services. There are many brands who have really managed to tap into what social media is all about and there are some real lessons to be learned from how these brands conduct themselves on Twitter.

So who are these social media powerhouses? That is exactly the topic of a new infographic titled ‘Which Brands Rule Twitter?’ which you can check out below. One of the things that is highlighted by the infographic is the current trend for customers to voice their complaints via Twitter. This means that any shortcomings a brand has are being shared publicly whereas in the past such comments were made in a private letter or email. This means that brands are being forced to act on these comments quickly in order to show the world that they care about offering great customer service with many brands choosing to set up a dedicated support Twitter account.

One of the leading brands on Twitter in this area is Microsoft. While the average response time is approximately 5.1 hours, Microsoft have the fastest customer response time on Twitter (based on dedicated support accounts rather than general brand accounts) at just 42 minutes. However, if we consider all brand accounts on Twitter, then the true customer service champions are probably JetBlue. Not only does JetBlue have the largest Twitter following of any airline, but they also have the fastest response time with an average of just 13 minutes.

Of course, customer service is not the only way that brands are using Twitter. Some of the other uses highlighted by the infographic include sales, marketing and even fundraising.


Which Brands Rule Twitter!

Which Brands Rule Twitter infographic


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