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Twitter, Future Of Blogging For Youngsters

Twitter Introduction

Twitter is a great platform where younger generations from around the world connects with each other and shares the feelings in a way that they cannot do it in their social sphere. I really do not know any other platform available on the Internet that is so popular among the people coming from all walks of life. So what is the future of Twitter?

Is this not right to say using Twitter is like Blogging. Not conventional blogging however to put it better we say it micro-blogging. Recently we saw Arab spring where countries like Egypt and Tunisia got rid of their dictators when people came out to the street. How did this happen when media was completely censored by the government. Simply because social media tools like Twitter and Facebook were used extensively by social activist and protestors to gather crowd by connecting the entire youth of the country through sending tweets minute by minute.

Twitter Future Of Blogging For Youngsters

So the question that we want to ask is Twitter future of blogging for younger generation? How in coming days micro-blogging will become more popular among bloggers compared to conventional blogging. Let’s try knowing and understanding more.


Twitter, A Micro-Blogging Tool

First great attribute of Twitter is that it can be used as Micro-blogging platform. Let me differentiate between just blogging and micro-blogging. In blogging you write a post of 300-400 words with relevant images and videos inserted however in micro-blogging you write just one or two sentences. In Twitter you are allowed only 120 characters. People are using Twitter as a great Micro-blogging platform to say things very shortly but yet effectively.

Speedy Interaction With Twitter

More importantly the interaction with friends or like-minded people has become even more interesting because everything is instantaneous or spontaneous. If you are online and sending tweets to friends than anyone can react or respond to your tweets publicly. This tells you what other people think about your tweets. In fact I consider Twitter as more reliable medium of communication than cell phone because in twitter you can remain in touch with your friends from any where in the world. Moreover you get to build bridges between people who have different views on a topic.

Build Network

Twitter is a place where you can build network of like-minded in no time. Today still our society is much closed and we do not find any space to express our views. Normally you find people around you that are closed-minded and not ready to accept your view-point. So in that case what you will do. Well simply you can go to Twitter and start tweeting your feelings with a free mind. After sometime you will find many like-minded individuals who think exactly similar to you coming close. Later on you can get to know each other. Hence Twitter can bring together many like-minded people together.

Express Yourself in 120 Characters

Finally the best think you learn from Twitter is how to express your feelings in just 120 characters. Whether you are angry or happy, in love or hate you have to express yourself in only 120 words. You get to know how other people think by reading their personal tweets. Moreover in blogging titles or headings are very important. Hence with tweeting daily you come to know how to write compelling headings for your blogs. I learned to express myself to others very impressively because of tweeting everyday.



Finally in concluding remarks I would say that Twitter is the future for Micro-blogging especially for youngsters. It is a great micro-blogging tool popular among younger generation. You interact spontaneously with other people on the Internet. Like minded people can come together and share their feelings. However most interesting thing that you learn is how to express yourself in just 120 characters. This is very important in your life as you will come to know how to carry yourself may be you can say with twitter.


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