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Twitter Tools 2012 – You Wish Existed

Twitter is an amazing phenomenon. People use it for connecting with friends socially, for connecting with businesses they like, for promoting their own business, products or services, or as a way to build a base of twitter followers. What do you think  is Twitter, Future Of Blogging For Youngsters? and 

Self employed people and freelancers use Twitter as a way to build brand loyalty. They want to acquire “Tweeps” who will regularly look for information they share or things they say. Although Twitter is hugely successful as it is, imagine how much more successful it would be if it had some extra benefits that range from realistically reasonable to ridiculously absurd.


Twitter Tools 2012 You Wish Existed


Best Twitter Tools 2012 – You Wish Existed Or You Must Have

Longer Tweets

There is nothing worse than trying to share a tweet. Especially when communicating with someone, only to discover that upon reaching the 140 character limit. The tweet is cut off in mid-sentence. A higher character limit may not eliminate the problem altogether, but it would certainly facilitate easier communication.


A Dictionary of Commonly Used Abbreviations

People who don’t use text message vernacular on a regular basis have a hard time coming up with appropriate abbreviations for long words and spelling deviations that make tweeting more fun. An easily accessible dictionary would help those who are code-challenged (or old enough to use verbal communication more than texting) navigate this seemingly uncharted territory.


A DM, Shout Out or Message Alert

Most people don’t have the time or resources to pay attention to all Twitter streams, conversations, etc. on a daily basis. A message alert would advise people who someone had initiated contact so they can at least find out what the communication was, or respond.


Offer Statistical Reports

There are many third-party apps or programs that offer Twitter users statistical reports of traffic to their websites and web content. The way these reports break data down is highly variable.

The one thing that most of them seem to have in common is that they charge a monthly fee, and this is contingent on the types of services offered. Having this information at one’s fingertips, and right on the Twitter website would be immensely helpful.


A More Comprehensive Interface

Users of Hootsuite, Tweekdeck and other browser-based or desktop Twitter applications often complain that they need to use multiple apps to see what’s going on in their timelines. Despite the fact that tweets are posting because Twitter’s API is often overloaded, users often discover that things don’t show up in the timeline.

If Twitter had a stable API interface that would allow users to see their regular timeline, mentions, interactions, direct messages and lists, as they can do with various other applications, members wouldn’t be forced to download multiple programs in attempt to get all of the information that they’d ideally prefer to get from one site.


A Twitter Wake-up Alarm

I know I wish a Twitter alarm clock could provide guaranteed wake-up at the time the Twitter user set it to go off. The little blue bird might fly around the bedroom letting me know of the activities in my timeline the night before.


Twitter Rewards

Klout offers its users Klout perks, and many Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn members work hard to develop a cross-platform social media presence and reputation in order to get the different perks from Twitter. Klout perks encompass everything from samples or trial packages of new products to gift cards at national restaurants and popular stores. If Twitter were to do the same, they’d acquire many more members, but they could also develop stronger relationships with local businesses.


A Twitter Meal Preparation and Laundry Service

Working to build a strong social media presence while trying to juggle other work obligations can be very tricky. People who work at home often find that their work consumes more of their time than they’d like. Having Twitter on hand to prepare meals whenever requested would be an incredible luxury. Wouldn’t it be even better if the person preparing the meals could be an acclaimed chef that’s a Twitter member? Another added bonus would be a Twitter in-home laundry service.


Social media sites like Twitter do wonders for businesses. They also provide an outstanding way to connect people with shared interests on a platform that facilitates free discussion. Sometimes, though, it’s easy to get so carried away with the craziness of daily life, that basic necessary duties get neglected.


A more streamlined interface within the Twitter site would eliminate the need to have multiple programs running simultaneously. Nothing could compare to the luxury of having a Twitter wake-up service, or having Twitter do laundry, fold and put it away, and even prepare meals. You can say that twitter is best among all social media tools.

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