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5 Best Internet Tools You Never Knew You Needed

Most people are more than happy to simply load their favorite web browser every day and visit the handful of websites that they enjoy visiting on internet. Pausing every now and then to check their email.

Others prefer a broader online experience, always eager to experiment and learn as much as possible about what’s available to them via the Internet. If you fall into the latter group, here are five great online tools that you’re sure to use over and over again:



Top 5 Great Internet Tools

1 ) What’s my IP address?

Every computer and mobile device with an Internet connection has an IP address that identifies it to the digital world. You can find out what your IP address is at any time with this handy tool. These days most Internet connections have a static IP address that never changes, but those still using dial-up connections will probably find that their IP address changes every time they log on to the Internet. Rest assured however that at any one point in time every connected device will have a unique IP address!


2) How fast is my Internet connection?

Regardless of the promises made by your high speed Internet provider, many factors work together to determine just how fast your Internet connection actually is. Upload and download speeds can vary greatly depending on the volume and type of network traffic, and even the time of day. Is your high speed (and high dollar) ISP really providing the speed you’ve been promised? This tool will let you know in a jiffy!


3) Who owns my favorite websites?

Are you the curious type who loves to dive into the bushes and learn everything you can about the products and services you use? Well, when it comes to finding out who owns your favorite websites (and how to contact them), you can. A service known as “Whois” lists the owners of most of the websites on the Internet (some domains are registered via proxies). Just type in any top level domain and the info will be served up forthwith.


4) I have a question!

If you’re like me you have a million questions that pop into your mind on a daily basis, some frivolous (What’s the number one song on the Easy Listening chart at the moment?) and others serious (Which airline has the best overall safety record in the last 5 years?). Whatever you want to know, the answer is probably just a few minutes away over at Yahoo Answers. All you need in order to use the service is a free Yahoo account, and most everyone has one these days.


5) How do you spell that?

Remember back when you were in school and you kept a copy of Webster’s Dictionary at the ready for those times when you just couldn’t remember how to spell a word? In the Internet age it seems that spelling is becoming a lost art, but if you’re one who prefers to cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s, you can use to look up most any English word in an instant! All you have to do is get close and this awesome online dictionary will attempt to read your mind and give you a list of choices. And guess what? The word you’re looking for will almost always be on the list! I keep this little gem bookmarked and use it virtually every day.


Internet Tools Conclusion

The Internet is a vast universe of information – some useful, and some not so much. But it is also home to countless tools that can make our lives more productive and enjoyable. Spend some time checking them out on internet and you’re sure to find something that you never even realized you cannot live without!


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