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How To Protect From Internet Viruses

How to protect from internet viruses? Yes, you should know. Many people who use computers in day-to-day life don’t have any idea of hacking and other internet viruses which can infect their systems which can lead to stolen accounts, broken system and deletion of files.


How To Protect From Internet Viruses : Internet Security Tips


What are Computer viruses?

Computer viruses are such programs which are designed in such a way that they spread from one system to another; it has the ability of going directly to the user’s account. They perform various kinds of operations on the machines which are infected with the computer viruses.


How computer viruses can enter in your computer?

Viruses can come through various means in your computer. Mostly due to the huge usage of internet, viruses spread in your computer through your e-mails, downloading attachments, infected files, torrents, browser extensions, and toolbars and at the same time with direct browser attacks while surfing.


How to protect from internet viruses some basics

There are two such basic ways which will be helpful in protecting your PC from the internet viruses.

  • One of them is to use a trustworthy defense anti-virus software, which protects your computer from malware attacks and further threats.
  • The other most important thing is to be very careful while using internet. (Read more about Internet Security Protection 5 Layers)

Running a good Anti-Virus is mostly important to protect your system from any kind of threat. There is number of anti-virus software’s available in the market, some of them are available for online trials and you can buy it for a longer period of time.

Using good anti-virus software is very important and at the same time updating it time to time in your system whenever needed.

Not only anti-virus are important to your computer, but also you should be careful of other things and you can always follow few simple tips to protect your computer.

Following are few tips mentioned below to help you in protecting your system from unwanted internet viruses and increase your knowledge about how to protect from internet viruses.



How to Protect From Internet Viruses Basic Tips

  • First thing to keep in mind is that you should be very careful when surfing the internet.
  • Don’t open email attachments of the files which are of unknown author or origin.
  • Keep your browsers and the operation system up to date.
  • Don’t use multiple anti-virus programs at a time.
  • Do not rely on the trial version for a longer time for any defense software.
  • Never open files which seem to be dangerous even if you have installed a good antivirus software.
  • Always make sure that your computer has Anti-spyware and Anti-malware programs installed in it and the updated ones.
  • To protect from unauthorized access, install a firewall which will help you to protect your computer from unknown users.
  • Don’t click on any unknown links and on suspicious looking desktop icons.
  • Never download any files which are unknown to you, always scan the executable downloaded files and then open the files.
  • Try to scan flash drives as well as external drives before opening any of them.
  • Once your computer in running anti-virus for scanning then stop using your system until scanning is done and everything has been cleared.
Computer Viruses Internet Viruses Tutorial

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