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20 Great Uses of HTML5 Techniques

Developers are vividly using HTML5 these days. It provides great function and optimization for application development.

Combining HTML5 with j-Query, one can make innovative changes to applications and web designs. Let us take a look at 20 great uses of this wonderful HTML5 techniques.

HTML5 Techniques

20 Great HTML5 Techniques

1. HTML5 Test

This is a website that will analyze your browser. After doing so, it will give your browser ratings out of 450. The result is just an indication of how well your browser supports HTML5 content.

2. Wave Motion

This is a great social networking option. Here, you will see blue based wave motion given by canvas and on clicking each wave, a tweet will appear. Tweeting will become fun with this application.

3. Ball Pool

Another fantastic usage of the canvas tool. In this, web pages are incorporated into colorful balls and on clicking and dragging the balls, each page will appear.

4. Rocking HTML5

This feature is used to create good looking presentations using HTML5. It is also very easy to use.

5. The Cloth Simulation

This one is a funny application. Every line in the 2D cloth is called a constraint and every point is a mass. On rapidly clicking the cloth, it is folded many times. Truly, funny to use.

6. Blowing and mapping up a video

Using this API, you can take the elements of a video page and convert them into a canvas. After doing so, you can manipulate the videos at run time. This thing is funny and at the same time quite technical.

7. Local Storage

This is a new technique that has been introduced in HTML5. Using this, you can store data directly through browser.

8. Tetris in HTML5

Tetris is probably the most played game in the computer world. It started in IC chips and now it has progressed to HTML5. Tetris in HTML5 is amazing with lively colors and great animation.

9. Video in HTML5

Now, you don’t have to wait for the browser to load the videos or to buffer them. HTML5 simply renders the video with awesome speed and no waiting time.

10. Single page websites

Single page websites have been very popular for a long time now. Head hunters and management people are common users of these single page sites and HTML5 gives you great templates and interfaces for developing single page websites.

11. Developing an iPhone app

iPhone apps are more economical in the market these days than regular software. Using HTML5, you can create really cool iPhone applications.

12. Canvas elements guide

Using this guide, you can get to know the basics about the most used element in HTML5 – the canvas.

13. Canvas 3D

Using this feature, you can load images from providers such as Flickr and change them into 3D images.

14. Browser Ball

The front menu will contain a beach ball and on clicking the ball, loads of cool stuff will appear. Check for yourself!

15. HTML5 forums

They do just what the other forums do but in a totally blown-up environment. Fantastic to look!

16. Canvas Paint

This looks just like Microsoft Paint but it incorporates JSS and JavaScript.

17. Detecting HTML5 features

Using this, you can detect what HTML5 features are supported in your browser.

18. WebGL Maze

A 3D maze that is created using HTML5. With clues given on the sky, the game is almost addictive.

19. Coolendar

Like the name suggests, this is a cool calendar. Make appointments, set memos and do loads more here.

20. Scribd in HTML5

The famous Scribd is now in HTML5. Really easy to use and informative as well.

Also, with this 20 techniques, please read 5 things you should know about HTML5.

html5 Tutorial

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