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Internet Privacy: How Much Data Does the Net Hold on You?

The internet fundamentally changed the way we work and communicate and the vast majority of us now use emails, Facebook, Twitter and a host of other sites on a regular daily basis to share our thoughts, send messages and upload photos of what we have been doing with our lives.

Many of us are also becoming increasingly aware that the personal data that we supply is being used in a variety of ways by the companies and services that we provide the data to as part of the normal signing-up or verification process.

Despite these concerns, many people are still not aware of exactly what happens to their personal data and it would certainly come as a surprise to a good number of us for example, that an astonishing 80% of all U.S email addresses are stored and used by a marketing company called Rapleaf.

If you use your mobile phone to surf the internet as well as make calls as most of us like to do, it is almost scarcely believable that 87% of adults in the U.S can be tracked via their mobile.

Another interesting fact is that Google street view has collected an astonishing 5,000,000 miles of images, so companies and organisations collecting personal data could very easily know our email address, know where we are right now and see what type of house we live in.

It raises the serious question of just how much data the internet actually holds on you.


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