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RSS Feeds : What Are They And Are You Utilizing

What is an rss feed – The Rich Site Summary, shortened to RSS, is a stream of simplified listings and data about regularly updated posts of any kind. Whether one releases an RSS “feed” of videos, blog posts, podcast or any other type of content, the concept is simple. People like RSS feeds because they make accessing valuable and often entertaining content a simple matter.

RSS Feeds : What Are They and Why Should I Use Them?


The Origin Of RSS Feeds

Attempts to catalog the Internet and simplify its resources go all the way back to some Apple computer programmers in 1995. With their development of some of the Resource Description Framework Site Summary, they took an important early step toward making information easily accessible during the primitive days of search engines.

In 1999, the Rich Site Summary was developed to make more efficient use of code. The type of XML document known as an RSS file or feed is easily read by a number of different program types. This universal quality makes it simple for numerous programs and websites to publish RSS feeds that anyone can receive.


How The Feeds Have Changed Over Time

RSS feeds have always been a popular option. Ever since the Internet ‘s inception, it has been a massive, crowded place full of content that is extremely difficult to even sort. Google has spent over a decade and has barely even accomplished that much. For a human mind, there’s just too much to handle.

However, sifting through the content to find an individual’s preferred qualities among the dreck is almost an art form in itself. Because of this, only simplifications and name changes have happened to RSS over time – the files are still essentially the same as they once were, albeit streamlined.


How RSS Feeds are Used Today

  1. In the modern world, RSS feeds are crucial for keeping people’s busy schedules balanced against keeping up with what they want to know and learn.
  2. For many people, RSS feeds are their primary source of news about the world.
  3. By keeping up with the types of information they want, they don’t have to waste time sifting through a bunch of stories that carry no interest for them.
  4. The RSS feed is one of the most widely used methods of distributing information and entertainment content online.
  5. Through the use of an RSS feed, a person can take up a lot of information in a convenient and uniform format that’s easy to sort through.

RSS feeds have become incredibly popular as time-saving tools and personal information gathering services.


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