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Web Design – Small changes mean big results

Designing web pages truly is an art form. Those that do it understand that small changes can achieve big results. Professional web designers know that there’s no need to completely overhaul a website every time a customer wishes to make a change.

Web Design Small Changes Mean Big Results

Web Design – Small changes mean big results

Keeping your web design simple and consistent

Benefits the consumer in several ways. Firstly, it allows your visitors to remember where things are on a web page. Simple navigation and logical ties between sections or links, like those seen on BBC’s website, are very accessible because its categories are split in an organised manner. Try to research what style of site you like best and by all means, inform your designer who will then put their own spin on it.

Colors and style

Give your website a sense of identifiability. You should immediately know where you are online thanks to corporate colours and styling. When it comes to logos and web design, Hampshire based firms might choose to represent the county in their logo somewhere, for example. This solidifies the fact that the business is based in Hampshire and it also can be a nice design aesthetic.

Linking on your site

Shouldn’t be over the top either. Top web designers will know that flooding your web pages with links is likely to upset Google – and therefore its search engine visibility – as well as confuse your readers. Whatever text is on the page has to be readable to human eyes and therefore should be the first port of call on each page. What’s the point in creating quality content if no-one is able to read it?

Web page is social

As well as being accessible, you also need to guarantee that your web page is social too. Pro-designers will know how best to show off your social circles and get your website connected to the major social networks. These are primarily Facebook, Google+ and Twitter. Many experts believe that this is now the best way in which to promote and grow your site. Now all you need to do is make sure that you have something decent for your followers to see when they get to it!

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