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5 Best WordPress Plugins for Your Music Band’s Website

Best WordPress plugins for Your Music Band’s Website! Yes it’s True. WordPress is one of the best platforms for the budding musicians and bands as it gives them a chance to keep their fans updated through blogs or website. This content management system finds application almost everywhere and a plethora of benefits can be associated with it.

It is available for free and offers you some of the great WordPress plugins which can of course be of great use.

WordPress Plugins that Must Use for Your Music Band's Website

WordPress plugins for your music band website

1. Streampad

This WordPress plugin will find a great use amongst the music enthusiasts. In fact, if you have used Yahoo! Media Player WordPress plugin, then you must be having a fair idea of the same.

The moment you open a particular webpage on the website, the visitors will have a great time listening to the music on the page which plays automatically. This saves the user from the task of manually clicking on the next link.


2. Events Manager

Since you have a huge fan following, you wouldn’t want your fans to miss your shows and concerts. This WordPress plugin has been exclusively designed to cater to this requirement. As it is evident from the name, this plugin allows you to display the important events on your website.

Event Manager WordPress plugin

Something that you will find rather innovative and impressive about this plugin is that it incorporates a Google Map too thus allowing your fans to easily locate the venue. You cannot expect anything better than this. Don’t forget to include this WordPress plugin on your webpage.


3. WordTwit

Of course, you would love to remain in touch with your fans on Twitter too. Every time you publish a blog post, this WordPress plugin allows you to send a tweet so that your viewers are constantly updated. In fact, you need not worry about the lengthy URL’S to fit in your tweets as they are automatically shortened.

WordTwit WordPress Plugin


4. ShareThis

You did your bit by automatically tweeting about your new blog posts. ShareThis is another incredible and a must-have WordPress plugin to make sure than your fans can share the content they like via email or social networks. So do not forget to incorporate this plugin and spread the word everywhere.

ShareThis WordPress Plugin


5. bbPress WordPress Plugin

This WordPress plugin creates a forum where your fans can hang out and have some interesting discussions. Your fans will love you for this WordPress plugin and this will be a simple way to boost your popularity.

bbPress WordPress Plugin

This is yet another form of social media which will attract lots of fans who would want to discuss the latest happenings in the band.


There are many more interesting WordPress plugins. Choose the best ones and make sure that you do not add too many to keep your website light, e.g. PSD to WordPress Plugin which conversion offers a huge range of facilities and gives a new direction to a website.

wordpress plugins

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