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Give your blogs the romantic essence with 10 Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes

Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes! Why do you need it and why do you go crazy over the valentine’s week? The Valentine’s Day is a symbol of love, a day to celebrate love, a day MADE JUST FOR YOU TO INDULGE WITH YOUR LOVE PARTNER.

Not only the day the whole week consists of the day to celebrate in one way or other with the one. The respective special days are, those special days to express your loved ones how you feel

Special days to express your loved ones

  • 7th February – Rose Day
  • 8th February-Propose Day
  • 9th February- Chocolate Day
  • 10th February –Teddy Day
  • 11th February – Promise Day
  • 12th February – Kiss Day
  • 13th February – hug Day
  • 14th February- The much Awaited Valentine’s Day


Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes

If there are so many days to celebrate and embrace your love then why will you leave away your blogs where you pour your heart’s desire? Thus have wonderful Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes.
10 Valentine's Day WordPress Themes

What exactly is a WordPress and what does it do?

It is a nothing but a blogging tool which helps bloggers with its multi tasks. The one of the task which you love birds might like is the various themes it offers you.

The WordPress users can switch between various themes and give a new look and feel to their blog. The various Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes are:


14 Valentine’s Day WordPress Themes

1) Vale Romance Theme – It is free of cost and has that pinkish touch for your blog. The pink heart surely provides that cute love theme for you.

Vale Romance WordPress Theme



2) All About Love – The all about love theme of WordPress is again free of cost and with that greenish touch and with the little red hearts it surely gives an added touch to your blog.

All About Love WordPress Theme



3) Love Birds 1.0 – Who won’t love those love birds as part of their Valentine’s Day special clog? And that too they are free of cost.

Lovebirds WordPress Theme



4) Love fly 1.0 – love fly 1.0 is another free theme offered by the word press which provides your blog’s heart cute little wings to fly away to your valentine.

Love fly 1.0 WordPress Theme


5) LoveKnot – Gives that beautiful knot like feeling with the red ribbon giving the feeling of getting attached with love.

Love Knot 1 WordPress Theme



6) Love Letter – this theme gives slightly older love versions with cute love letters.

Love Letter WordPress Theme



7) Heartland – This theme with small pink trees and heart and land filled with love is all yours. (Keep in mind that this theme hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.)

Heartland WordPress Theme



8) Sweet Valentine – A theme hinting about the sweetness of your love with chocolates.


Sweet Valentine WordPress Theme


9) Tickled pink theme – It gives the effect of the ticklish happy love with the soft essence of a quilt. (Keep in mind that this theme hasn’t been updated in over 2 years.)

Tickled pink WordPress theme



10) Valentine Heart Theme – The bubbly animated hearts are the essence of it.

Valentine Heart WordPress Theme


Thus, pamper your romantic self with ample choices. Go ahead and apply one of the above Valentine’s day WordPress themes.

WordPress WordPress Themes

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