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6 Ways To Promote Your Blog

Getting noticed is one of the biggest hurdles in blogging and you all know what is blog and creating a blog. Even if you have remarkable content, there are no guarantees that anyone will read it.

Here are six simple tips for getting your blog to be noticed, doesn’t  matter on which blog site or platform your blog is – Blogspot  or WordPress.


6 Ways To Promote Your Blog


6 easy ways to pull your blog out of cyber oblivion

1. Write Catchy Headlines

Studies show that 79% of people searching the web scan rather than read, and you’ve only got 3-15 seconds to grab a visitor’s attention. Writing a captivating headline draws readers in the second they find your blog. When writing headlines, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I read it out loud in one breath?
  • What are people entering in search engines?
  • How will the headline look when shared in social media?


2. Get To The Point

While your blog content should always be quality, it also needs to be snappy. Web searchers actively look for information. Inverted pyramid style works well to catch attention quickly because the most important information is at the top. Remember that most of your readers scan content for quick answers, so break up your paragraphs and use headers for easy scanning.


3. Make The Blog Shareable

Help others help you spread the word by making your blog content shareable. Make sure you have a social sharing option somewhere on your blog:

There are several social sharing options out there, so ask what other bloggers are using and find one you like.


4. Team Up With Fellow Bloggers

Find a blogger with a similar aesthetic and team up with them. Offer to write a guest post or propose collaboration. This symbiotic relationship allows you both to share your readerships and expose both blogs to a new audience.


5. Be Keyword Savvy

You can improve your Search Engine Optimization (SEO) by making good use of keywords in your posts. Use the Google AdWords tool to find what keywords fit your blog and keep a running list where you’ll see it often. Try to incorporate these keywords into your blog posts as much as you can. Researching keywords associated with your blog not only improves your SEO ranking, but also helps you keep in touch with your readership and what they’re interested in.


6. Keep Design In Mind

Blogging is highly visual, and if readers find your blog tricky to navigate or hard to read, they’re not going to stick around. Keep the following in mind when designing your blog:

  • Use plenty of white space.
  • Make things easy to find.
  • Use an easy-to-read font at size 14px or more.
  • Use short paragraphs and make good use of headings and bulleted lists.

Following these six steps will help improve your blog and improve your chances of getting noticed. What other suggestions do you have to promote a blog ?


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