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Best WordPress Security Plugins – Protecting Your Site

Advice on protecting you WordPress website against hackers using plugins? There are certain people who usually get some pleasure in hacking the sites of other people. In fact, a good number of them usually hack sites so that they can show the world that they are the masters of the web.

However, what these people do not usually realize is that they are destroying the work that a site owner had put in over the years.

This is the reason I always ensure that my sites are well protected from hacking, spamming, and any other thing that I do not like. As Albert Camus puts it, ‘an intellectual is someone whose mind watches itself’.

Therefore, I always make sure that I watch over my sites with a keen eye, and try to ward off hackers who seems to have nothing better to do with their time.


WordPress Security Plugins - Protecting Your Site from Hackers


However, as of late I have started using WordPress Security Plugins since I have found out that they are quite great, and efficient. In fact, they can be used by just about any person; this is because they are not as complicated as writing code.



How To Protect Your WordPress Website Against Hackers Using Plugins

Login Related Security WordPress Plugins

Some of the most common ways through which people get hacked is via their login pages. So, if you want to ensure that your site is safe, these Plugins can help you protect the login page.

  • Stealth Login

This is a plugin that hides the login page so that only the site owner knows where it is. It is a great Plugin that can make sure that your site is safe from force attacks on your logins at all times. In fact, you can even customize the page…  Download Stealth Login WordPress Plugin.

  • Login Lockdown

One way in which hackers usually succeed in hacking is that no one usually stops them in their attempt. Therefore, if you want to make sure that your site is never hacked, login lockdown is the Plugin that you need to get.

This is a great plugin that keeps count of login attempts at a site, and when the number of logins reaches a certain limit that you have set, the site locks down logging. Therefore, only the site administrator will be able to access the site. It is a useful plugin that I think every site owner needs… Download Login Lockdown WordPress Plugin.



Site Related Security WordPress Plugins

However, there are also other hackers who usually want to give your site a makeover. Therefore, they normally target the site itself. For example, if a person is using Thesis Themes, then a hacker may try to change the theme settings and give your site a new look one that you did not ask for.

  • WP Security Scan

This is a Plugin that routinely scans your website for signs of attack, or any vulnerability. When any vulnerability is detected, the app reports it to the site owner for action. Therefore, it ensures that your site is always protected from hackers, and even site attacks… Download WP Security Scan WordPress Plugin.

  • WordPress File Monitor

A similar plugin to WP security scan is the WordPress file monitor. This is a Plugin that checks the status of a site, and if there are any changes made without the authorization of the administrator a notification is sent to the site owner. Therefore, any hacks can be detected in real-time, and this increases the security of a site more… Download WordPress File Monitor WordPress Plugin.



The Top WordPress Security Plugins

Although, all these Plugins are great, these are my top 2 selections for 2012. These are plugins that I have used, and found to be exactly what I needed for my sites.

  • Ultimate Security Checker

This is a security Plugin that normally checks that themes used, and the site in general is safe. This app gets updated regularly and it also grades a site based on its safety. Therefore, a person can increase the safety of the site, or they can simply get the plugin to do it automatically… Download Ultimate Security Checker WordPress Plugin.

  • AntiVirus

Lastly, this is another of my favorite Plugins. It usually checks for viruses and for dangerous codes. It is great for ensuring that viruses do not bring down your site, without you knowing it. Download Antivirus WordPress Plugin.



Getting hacked is never a good feeling. It can really turn your whole world upside down if you’re main source of income is through your online business.


Be sure to take proper security measures to keep your site safe by adding some of these great WordPress plugins.


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