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Install WordPress With Free Hosting using custom domain

Earlier I described How To Change Blogger Domain to Free Custom Domain Today we are going to discuss how to set up domain) or your custom domain to free WordPress hosting.

There are lot of unlimited free hosting available. I will prefer Byethost or DreamHost. I already setup my 4 wordpress blogs using Byethost. My best preference to all of you is Byethost. Just because it is providing you free hosting as well as free control panel access.

1) First register your free hosting with Byethost.

2) After registration with Byethost you will get detailed mail from Bytehost including your control panel or FTP access username and password.(If you don’t have any FTP application just download free FTP client from from your Byethost control panel [This link only open after you logged in to control panel])

3) I supposed that you have free domain name or your own custom domain.(If you still not register your own domain name, You can use free domain name service for this for that just click Here How To Change Blogger Domain to Free Custom Domain and follow the first four steps in that post.

4) Now need to setup NAME SERVER records for you domain, for that follow the following steps.

a) Login to your Domain control panel it may be your Free Custom Domain
or purchased domain name control panel. Just go in DSN manager.

b) Delete all previous records and add Following records in Name Server Field

  • ns2

c) Click Setup

d) Name server changes may take up to 48 hours to update throughout the Internet.

5) After Finishing above Name Server Setup go in control panel of your free host (Byethost Control Panel) and follow the steps.

a) Just select Addon Domains from Domain section

b) Add your own domain name in this section.

c) After adding your domain, Select iVista – Easy Script Installation from Software & Services section on your Bythost control panel.

d) You will get list of application to install just install WordPress from there, it will automatically install WordPress and create required database for Worpress. But this WordPress will be previous version.

e) You can download latest version of WordPress Here.

f) If you login to your FTP account which you got at time of registering with Byethost,you can see that there is one folder created on your FTP that is of your domain name. Just double click on that folder and upload downloaded Latest Version of WordPress over there.

That’s it your wordpress with free hosting and with your own domain name has been set up. You need to just login using following link in your admin panel.Your Username will be admin and password will be same to the Bythost Control panel.

http://your-domain-name/wp-admin (Without www)

Happy WordPress Blogging

custom domain domain control panel free domain name free ftp client server field

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  1. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Can I start blogging on this free hosting.And is data will be secure on it ?

  2. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Very good article. I too have tried hosting some blogs with byethost. But I couldn’t find out how to add subdomains of custom domains to work with byet hosting. Can you tell me how to add a “www” to a blog hosted with byethost.

  3. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    I personally recommend Hostgator for webhosting. They are really professional, support is perfect and uptime nice. Go to hostgator_dot_com and use "onecentcoupons" coupon code. You get first month just for free which is good deal.

  4. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Maybe that is correct but this is why i choose to host on dedicated server.

  5. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    When i tried to login to my FTP account, it keeps giving me this error message: 421 home directory not available

    And also i can't access my website online, it says: Google Error, Not Found, The requested URL / was not found on this server..

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    • Avatar for Sandeep Kale

      Hello Akin,

      You are getting error message : Google Error, Not Found, The requested URL / was not found on this server..

      This problem is just because of your "NAME SERVER records"(See Step 4)is not set properly(will take 48 Hrs).

      Make sure that you followed step 4 properly and wait for 48Hrs.

  6. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Hejo ! Which WordPress Model is that homepage … could not write 2 … all in german !

  7. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Thank you sir I was searching same content.
    I have my own custom domain and I was searching for hosting for wordpress installation. Thank got I didn't purchase hosting. Just because of you I got this information.

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