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How To Change Blogger Domain To Domain

This domain ( is a totally free domain site. We can change our blog domain “” to “”. To change our default blogspot name to domain name follow these steps.

Step Change Blogger Domain To Free Custom Domain

1. Open website (click on this link)
2. Then check the availability of your domain-name on the search box.
3. If it is not available then you have to find another domain-name. But if it is available then register yourself.
4. Then you have to set up your domain. Click on “setup –> Manage domain” you will see it on the left hand side.


How To Change Blogspot To Co.CC Domain


Three Ways To Setup Blogger Domain To Custom Domain

1) Manage DNS

Sorry but I couldn’t get it myself.


2) Zonal Records

This is little bit difficult method as compare to second method. Whenever you click on this field you will see the following settings to set up as shown in figure.

Here you have set your A records and CNAME record one by one for blogger as following

a) First we will Set A records As follows:

Host : , TTL :1 D , Type/Priority: A , Value :
Host : , TTL :1 D , Type/Priority: A , Value :
Host : , TTL :1 D , Type/Priority: A , Value :
Host : , TTL :1 D , Type/Priority: A , Value :

b) Now set CNAME record As Follows:

Host : , TTL :1 D , Type/Priority: CNAME , Value

c) Click Setup.

Next you have to make some setup in your blogger account.

1. Login to Blogger account then choose “Setting –> Publishing”
2. Then choose “Switch to Custom Domain”
3. Then click on “Already own a domain then click on advanced settings”
4. Fill it with your new domain in the “”
5. Save Setting.


3) Url Forwarding

1. Fill with the following :

Redirect To :
Page Title : What ever you like
Frame : Url Hiding

2. Click Setup.


  • If you have chosen “Url Forwarding” then you will be able to open both “blogspot” domain and “” domain.
  • If you have chosen “Zonal Records” then your “blogspot” domain will be redirected to your new domain if opened.

Read more about how to install WordPress with free hosting.

Best way to do , I will prefer second method Zonal Records set up. Because it looks like difficult one but if you know values (as given above) then this method is very straight forward.

Important Note: It will take few hours for your new domain to work.


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