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Ways to Stop WordPress Brute Force Attack

WordPress is one of the most popular blog sites over the Internet. It offers a lot of options that bloggers usually need when it comes to blogging. As the popularity of the website skyrockets, many people are also attracted to using the blog site. This in turn help more bloggers drive more traffic to their website. The increased popularity of the website also in turn attract hackers to the website.

WordPress Brute Force Attack

Hackers are people who want to access your blog site and exploit the content to their advantage. Some even try to steal various information that are stored from your profile and take benefit from it. One of the worst form of hacking is through Brute Force Attacks. Brute Force Attacks are highly sophisticated attacks against the website. It uses a bot that tries to guess your password based on different kinds of ways.

These bot usually send spam messages and phishing exploits first before they try to infiltrate your blog. When your system is compromised through clicking on their spam messages, the bots will then begin their Brute Force Attack and you end up having a hacked blog-site. Here are some quick ways to stop hackers from entering your site.


Stop WordPress Brute Force Attack

1. Improve Your WordPress Password

The easiest thing to do for a hacker is to guess your password. The best way to prevent it from happening is making a password that is difficult to guess. One of the best way to do it is to have a password that has one capital letter to it then a series of words meaningful to you and then a series of numbers that you can always remember. This way, you enhance the security of your website and help protect it from an onslaught of attacks.

Improve WordPress Password


2. Improve Your System

Having a password is just the tip of the iceberg; you still need to improve the security system of your computer. Never disable your firewall. The firewall on your computer helps prevent hackers and other programs to creep in inside your computer and begin their attack.

Always update your antivirus software. By thoroughly updating your antivirus program, you set yourself up with a huge amount of protection.


3. Avoid Clicking Anonymous Ads

A desperate hacker will use desperate methods in order to lure you in to clicking their program. And one good way in doing that is to entice you with ads saying that you win something if you click it. These are annoying ads that pop up any time and they make sure that you will always want to click them.

Learn to know how to close them and avoid them as much as possible. Never click those pop up messages aside from closing them. If you do click on them, you will surely set yourself up from being hacked.



The HTTP AUTH limits the amount of ways that you can access your WordPress site. This also lowers the amount of brute force attacks you will get. HTTP AUTH can be easily set up in order to protect your WordPress from being hacked. There are a lot of online tutorials that will teach you how to do this.


Make sure that you use a different username and password from the one you use to access your WordPress site. Once you are done with choosing your username and password, you will need to setup the entire interface as well so when you come back to log in, a pop up will appear and will ask for your HTTP AUTH username and password.

These techniques will help increase the security of your WordPress and allow you to continue to enjoy the website for as long as possible. WordPress Brute Force Attacks are very common and if you are not careful you might be the next victim. So, go ahead and revamp your system now before it is too late.



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    I think changing default “admin” username is also import as the majority of attacks assume people are still using the username “admin”.

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