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Things That Make WordPress Form Plugin Powerful

Sometimes we require a WordPress form plugin in our WP sites for various purposes. While the functions these plugins have are immense, choosing one might not be that easy. There are no comprehensive form plugin lists, but here are some plugins you might want to check out.


WordPress Form Plugin Make WordPress Powerful

Fast Secure Contact Form

Through WordPress porm plugin, it is possible to create as many contact forms as possible. File uploading support is provided including a restriction of the size and type of files you can upload.
Fast Secure Contact Form
Akismet integration is also offered by the plugin to protect the site from spam, offer a database backup for all contact forms submitted and auto-responder emails usually sent after the submission of a contact form.



This is WordPress form plugin allows the creation of forms, especially to manage membership and do a lot of things such as tracking crucial retention metrics, automating customer service, managing customers, and a single click down-selling and up-selling.
Sometimes you need a plugin that helps in maximizing revenue and this one can help you do that.


Gravity Forms

This WP form plugin is at the top of the chain and well respected by WP users. It makes form creation easy and quick, thus a powerful tool any WP site owner requires. After creating the forms you can insert them into pages, blogs or posts to give visitors a chance to send you any type of information and perhaps publish content right into your site.

Gravity Forms

A Gravity Form widget is also an insert that can appear on a sidebar if you so wish. These forms come with an intensely intuitive interface and using it is quite easy. It is also a flexible WordPress form plugin and ensures you will not need another plugin. It is structured in a complex way but easy to use. To create a form you need a couple of minutes only while inserting it on a post requires a drag and drop action only.

Gravity Forms can serve both a person running a business and casual blogger writing and publishing his own stories. However, all the features it has are well utilized by a person running a business through a website as compared to a casual blogger with personal stories to publish.

A business running on a WordPress website that relies heavily on forms will find Gravity Forms a plugin with all the needed features. In fact, if you cannot afford a programmer capable of writing custom forms on your behalf, this WordPress Form plugin will greatly improve your actions.


ONW Contact Form

This is a contact form powerful plugin that can be configured in case you would like it to blend seamlessly with reCaptcha. Contact forms are created through shortcodes while adding a button to the WP visual editor so that the user can place in a contact form while creating a page or post.

WordPress Form Plugin

It really does not matter why you need a form. What you need to have is an excellent plugin capable of accommodating all the needs you have to provide you with the communication solution required on a site as it grows. Always search for plugins offering lots of field types as well as being highly customizable.

Find out more about such interesting plugins and theme on and read interesting reviews that will make or break your decision about a particular theme or plugin.

WordPress WP Form Plugins

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