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Top 5 Free Android Apps To Record Your Screen Activity

You probably never knew that there is a screen activity recording feature in the Android 4.4 KitKat that can ease down the process of creating video clips of screen of an Android device. This feature helps you to create the video in MP4 format and is extremely helpful if you want to make a tutorial or if you want to run through to show an app. However, this feature isn’t present for the older Android versions.

We have assembled the best of 5 apps that help you to record screen of your Android. You have to make sure that your Android has been rooted in order to let these apps work. Following are the top 5 Android apps to record your screen activity and save the video file in MP4 format.

Top 5 Free Android Apps To Record Screen Activity

Android Apps To Record Screen Activity

1. Screen Recorder for KitKat

This is a very simple screen recording app and as it is very clear from its name, it’s for KitKat 4.4. You can download it from Google Play for free. This app lets you record the video as per your desired resolution, bit rate etc. You can record up to 180 seconds of video and rotate the clip as well. Once you have opened the app, start recording by hitting on the Record button.

Screen Recorder for KitKat Android App

The recording status will be visible in your Android notification bar. When you have reached the time limit of 180 seconds, a vibration along with a beep will inform you that the recording is finished.

2. Rec.

Rec. is another Android screen recording app that makes screen recording very easy. Like all other apps, you can download it for free from Google play. With this app you can record the video, tweak the bit rate and fill in the video duration time. All these adjustments can be done before you initiate the recording.

Rec. (Screen Recorder) Android App

You can also allow audio recording simultaneously and name the recording beforehand. The recording can be started by hitting the ‘Record’ button and stopped by tapping the ‘Stop’ button.

3. Screen Record (for KitKat )

This screen recording app lets you name the video recording and choose the duration of it. The maximum duration of the video is 120 seconds, that is if you have the free version. All the recorded videos get saved in your SD card, under the folder name ‘ScreenRecord’.

Screen Record for KitKat  Android App

If you want to record longer videos, then you can get the paid version which will let you record the videos for a max 10 minutes.

4. SCR Screen Recorder Free

SCR screen recorded app lets you record screen activity for maximum 3 minutes. However, this app adds a watermark in the videos. Lets be clear that this app doesn’t have an interface so as to talk about, instead it has 3 buttons that let you record the video, adjust the settings and an exit button. If you want to stop the recording, then you can reopen the app again.

SCR Screen Recorder Free Android App

As far as the settings are concerned, you can adjust the settings accordingly and change the resolution, image transformation, bit rate, frame rate etc.

5. Shou

This app is still in its initial phase, i.e the app is available as a beta version. With the help of this app you can high quality screen recordings of 1080P @ 60FPS with the stereo sound, and you can also mirror your device to any AirPlay enabled devices.

Shou Android App

Since the app is still under experimentation, a lot of features are yet to be launched.


These are the 5 android screen recording apps that you can use on your rooted Android! Do let us know which apps have you tried to get screen recording video of your device.


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