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Android Vs Windows: Which Is Most Demandable

Question arises Android or Windows? Which is most useful or admirable? Let’s check out basic comparison Android Vs Windows. The mobile device (Smartphone’s and tablets) market seems to have become very much competitive especially from the end of the year 2012.

There are several mobile operating systems (OS), which have been popular in this industry including Android, Apple iOS, Blackberry and now Windows too have entered into this domain. Everyone knows a fact that the products from Microsoft weren’t so simple to manage and use especially when you see the company moving to Windows Mobiles.

As per the technical experts, Microsoft seems to be new in mobile market when you see Android and iOS as big names in this sector. Yet, experts feel that Windows have the potential to give tough fight to these leaders. The invention of windows 8 by Microsoft is one of the biggest feats of the company, which will certainly give an edge to their mobile products.

Considering Windows as a new player in this domain, Android has its own well established market hence it would be difficult to say that Windows is moving towards replacing Android. In fact, by comparing the two, you could make out some idea as to who has the potentials to be a winner. Let’s check them out:


Android vs Windows – An Elemental Review

Which mobile operating system (Android or Windows) is better than the other is very subjective question to deal with. However, if you look in the perspective of Windows 8, things simply are seen moving in the favor of Windows.

Android Vs Windows

As per experts the user experience people enjoy over the Windows 8 is better than Android and even good as compared to other operating systems like iOS and Blackberry. However, there are some who still believe that Android is powerful enough to remain number one in terms of demands and features. Hence time is only the right factor to tell you the real truth.


Android vs Windows in terms market share

If you look at the share of Android mobile devices (Smartphone and tablets) is far more than Windows based devices. The device like Samsung Galaxy has really gone well in the market and you could find a huge amount of users having these handsets.

Thus these give a tough competition to Windows based phones. The users of both the developed and underdeveloped nations seem to be using Android phones more than the others including the windows. In fact, if you look at the market share the recent figure seems to be around 51.5% for Android phones and 5.3 % for the Windows based mobile devices. However, as per experts the demand for Windows based phones is gearing up.


Android vs Windows in terms of apps

The other way in which the Android based devices win is due to the huge amount of application. As per the recent reports, there are more than 700000 applications discovered in Google Play and most of these come for free. More than 95% of applications are simply compatible with the Android OS versions.

This simply means to a fact that if you have a device, which uses Android 2.0 or the higher versions, you could choose from a wider range of applications including the ones using the Android 4.1 Jellybean. If you look at the windows phones, they have just arrived some two years before and the number of applications found for these are up to 100000.

Most of these applications are compatible with the Windows 7 and only limited number of these work with the latest Windows 8. Hence Microsoft has to go a long way while competing with Google in this factor.


Android vs Windows in terms of speed and stability

This is among the bigger areas in which the Android being the open attribute operating system can act both as good and bad. The number of Android based mobile devices are more than the Windows based devices hence knowing about the factors like speed and stability could be a tricky business.

Looking at the factor of speed much depends upon the hardware configuration of the phone and for Android phones there are number manufacturers some are good while others are average, hence it would be rather difficult to predict about these two factors when it comes to Android phones.

The speed of Android phones could reduce with the increasing number of installed applications over the devices. On the other hand, the Windows based phones are better in terms of stability and speed. So if you compare the Galaxy S II with the Windows based phone – Nokia Lumia, the speed of the latter seems slightly better than the other ones.


Final word

When you compare the Android based phones with Windows, the former seems to be bigger in many ways, right from popularity, wide range of mobile devices, manufacturers and applications.

The windows are still in their initial days, while Android has come a long way. So presently it’s the Android, which seems to be leading and not the Windows.

Android Windows

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