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Free iPhone and iPad Games (The Top 5 Highlights)

Mobile devices have become a surprising contender in the video game market. Major game studios have turned their attention to developing games for smartphones and tablet devices.

And the technology has led to new innovative gameplay mechanics which make full use of touchscreen displays and built-in accelerometers.

Free iPhone and iPad Games

Even better, many games from the iOS App Store are completely free! These top 5 free games are essential downloads for all iPad and iPhone gamers.



Top 5 Free iPhone and iPad Games

Fruit Ninja

Making full use of the touchscreen interface, Fruit Ninja is a manic arcade game with a deceptively simple premise. Players must use their fingers to swipe across the screen and slash and cut as much falling fruit as possible.

Fruit Ninja

While this may sound easy, the game has surprising depth as players must also wrack up combos, avoid bombs and try to grab unique power-ups.

Fruit Ninja Video Review



Pocket Planes

Made by the creators of the hugely successful Tiny Tower, Pocket Planes is a fun and inventive airline simulator. Players have to manage an entire airline by arranging flights, upgrading fleets of planes and buying resources.

Pocket Planes Free iPhone and iPad Game

Starting from humble, small-town airstrips and progressing toward huge city airports, there is plenty to achieve and unlock in this addictive game. Casual strategy and management simulators have proven to be very popular on touchscreen devices, but Pocket Planes sets itself apart with its retro pixel graphics and unique charm.

Pocket Planes Video Review



Words With Friends

With thousands of users playing matches every day, Words With Friends has been one of the most popular iOS games since its release in 2009.

Words With Friends

The multiplayer crossword game has tweaked a few rules from Scrabble, but the two games remain largely the same. Competitive games are great fun simply because there is nothing better than thrashing your friends or complete strangers, and there is nothing more satisfying than getting to that triple word tile before your opponent does.

Words With Friends Video Review



The Simpsons: Tapped Out

Mixing strategy simulation with RPG mechanics, The Simpson: Tapped Out is the definitive game for all fans of the popular cartoon. Containing original content and voices from the writers and cast of The Simpsons, players must rebuild Springfield with the help of all the characters from the hit TV show.

The Simpsons Tapped Out

However, even casual fans will enjoy the game’s unique gameplay which involves resource management, quests and levelling up. Tapped Out has something for everyone and there are hundreds of different characters and items to earn and unlock.

The Simpsons™: Tapped Out – HD Gameplay Trailer



Cut The Rope

Puzzler games have become a surprising hit on mobile devices, and none are more fiendishly difficult than Cut The Rope. Using physics gameplay, players have to figure out how to drop pieces of candy from the top of the screen and manoeuvre it past obstacles and barricades so it safely reaches the bottom.

Cut The Rope

Of course, most of the fun comes from finally cracking that puzzle you’ve been stuck on for ages. Whether you just want to play for 5 minutes or a few hours, Cut The Rope has hundreds of different levels to keep your brain thoroughly engaged and, on occasion, enraged.

Cut The Rope Video Review


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