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Why To Consult With A Graphic Designer For Increasing Blog’s Marketability

Consult With A Graphic Designer! Is it that much important? This is most important question rises with most of the blog newbies. The user-friendly format of WordPress and the array of available templates have made blogging accessible to virtually everyone; however, many people often sacrifice style and originality as they opt for a pre-made blog design.

Increasing Blog’s Marketability With Graphic Designer

While engaging content is always important, design, style, and layout are key when it comes to successful blogging, especially if you choose to monetize your blog.


Why You Need A Graphic Designer For Blog?

Blog’s First Impressions

You wouldn’t show up to a job interview wearing gym shorts and a T-shirt, just as you shouldn’t publish a blog with a shoddy design. First impressions count, and the design of your blog speaks to your professionalism and dedication to your product.

  • If a reader passes over your blog, after being unimpressed with the aesthetic, you’ve essentially lost your shot at a repeat reader and possibly their referrals to other readers. A slick design establishes credibility, increasing your chances of gaining a wider audience.


Logo and Branding

A high-quality logo designed by a graphic designer can help to create a powerful identity. Think of Chevron, Ford, and Campbell’s: all are highly successful companies that have recognized the importance of branding and company logos.

  • Even if your blog is in its infancy, a well-designed logo commands respect and creates a foundation for you to build on and play up. Additionally, people don’t like change.

If you decide to change your blog’s image months after creation, the inconsistency suggests instability and sloppiness. It’s important to hire a designer so you establish your identity from the beginning.

Your brand serves as your company or blog’s core principles. People like to align themselves with others who share the same interests and beliefs, and are quick to identify with brands that suit their lifestyle.

By creating a marketable brand, you can increase your influence on those who visit your blog.


Blog’s Style

Like logos and branding, the style of your blog can help develop your image, but sometimes, the image you want to convey just can’t be accomplished using a pre-made template.

  • Clean lines and a streamlined interface can exude elegance and professionalism. Bold colors and innovative fonts convey confidence and draw attention.

It is important to consult with a graphic designer and explain your company’s goal and the underlying foundations of your blog. The designer can in turn create an appealing and unique design, consistent with the image you would like to convey.


Blog’s Layout

The layout of your blog speaks volumes to your professionalism and knowledge about blogging in general. Newspapers and magazines aren’t simply a jumble of words and photographs; they are carefully constructed so that readability is enhanced.

  • Just as a slick design establishes credibility, a carefully planned layout can subtly instill confidence in readers. Many people make the mistake of using “one size fits all” templates for their blogs, not realizing the intricacies of blog layouts.

By consulting with a graphic designer, you can get a blog layout perfectly tailored to your needs.



Consult With A Graphic Designer

While the accessibility of templates has created millions of casual bloggers, it is essential to hire a graphic designer if you are serious about blogging, and would like to gain a large audience.

A quality design will not only increase your marketing potential and give you a competitive edge, it can help create a foundation upon which your company or blog will flourish.


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