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7 Easy Ways to Get More Visitors To Your Blog

Of late, the popularity of blogs have simply outgrown to a great extent. Whether you happen to be a freelancer, author, entrepreneur or any social/political activist, blogs have simply become an important way to connect with the relevant target audience along with making your presence felt over the web.

Talking in terms of an entrepreneur’s point of view, blog can be called as a vital asset to any business as it helps in giving your brand a good visibility unlike a thought leader and engages your audience in conversations and thus act like the effective link bait.

More Visitors To Your Blog

Also, using the blog, you can enjoy several other benefits as well. However, getting visitors over your blog is one of the key factor for which you need to put your efforts. Let’s check the top 7 simple ways to get more visitors to your blog as under:


How  To Get More Visitors To Your Blog

1) Write quality and too often

Content has a very important role to play when you talk about getting more visitors over your blog. Hence make sure you produce high quality content as it is the building block of the blogs. It will help the readers to return on your blog on a regular basis. This is only possible if you produce high quality, relevant and interesting content in a regular interval, people will prefer to come at your blog. Check Out key fundamentals of Blogging while writing content.

Hence not only producing quality but its frequency plays the part in bringing traffic to your blog.


2) Submitting your blog at all popular search engines

The search engines like Google, Yahoo and Bing can be called as radars, which will help in making your blog more visible before your target audience. Hence it is important to submit your blog (URL) at the named search engines. Most of the search engines have the option of ‘Submit Link’ wherein you can submit the URL of your blog, which will propel these sites to send its bots to crawl your blog and its different web pages.

It is vital to understand that by just submitting your blog’s link doesn’t mean you are going to appear at the top of search results but your chances of being crawled increases.


3) Use and update the Blogroll

Blogroll is nothing but adding your blog links to the sites you like, which can be carried out in terms of barter system. It is one of the best ways to find the link over your blog in front of a wide range of readers over the other blogs.

With this some of your prospective readers would be able to click over the blog links on that particular site or blog falling under your Blogroll in case if they find the content of your blog relevant and interesting.


4) Leverage from the power of comments

Comment can be called as a vital and simple tool to boost up the traffic over your blog. First of all you need to respond to the comments found over your blog. This will help in showcasing that you really value their views and opinions and engage them over the two way conversation. This will, certainly going to boost up the loyalty of the readers. Secondly, leaving comments on the other blogs too can help in getting traffic at your blog.

All you need to do is to leave the URL of your blog while leaving the comment. This will therefore create a back link that will point to your blog from that particular comment. However, to leverage the most, you need to find comment areas of relevant niche area and put valuable comments.


5) Tag your posts

Another way to draw traffic towards your blog is to tag your posts. In fact, it simply takes few seconds and not minutes to add several tags to each and every blog post you publish over your blog. Investing this little amount of time and efforts are worthy in terms of getting additional traffic over your blog.

Tags unlike the links too can be more visible to the search engines. These also help the readers and to find your blog while carrying out the searches over a number of blog search engines like the Technorati.


6) Submitting your posts over social bookmarking website

Another way to get traffic is via submitting your posts over a number of social bookmarking sites. These sites include the popular ones – Digg, Reddit, StumbleUpon, etc. which simply give enough reasons to increase the traffic over your blog.


7) Syndicate your Blog’s Content with RSS Feed

Another way is by setting up the RSS feed button over your blog. This will help in making your blog visible to our loyal readers by not only making your content accessible to them but also allowing them to know as and when you publish any new blog post.


Final word

So if you have blog and you are new in this domain, start doing some simple steps to start getting more visitors over your blog. Once you settle down in your blogging efforts, you can try some other advance methods to boost up the traffic at your blog. You can also increase web traffic via MicroBlogging, attract twitter traffic to your blog, divert Facebook Page traffic to your website or get traffic from Google Plus social network.

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