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How To Logout or Terminate Logged In Facebook Sessions Remotely

Facebook has added new feature to its security, which can be an extra level of security. This feature will allow user to check his logged in Facebook sessions from anywhere.

In addition user can logout from these Facebook sessions remotely. This is the awesome Facebook security feature, also feature restricts unauthorized access to the hackers, user can easily restrict if user found hacker activities in his Facebook account.


What Is This Facebook Sessions Logout Feature

For Gmail users this feature is already tested and implemented. After login to Gmail, at the bottom you may have seen, Google has shown all devices wherever you are logged in and also it is allowed to logout from that sessions. Like Gmail it looks like Facebook started implementing the same feature.

This will allow user to logout from Facebook sessions if user left his logged in session in public areas (Like Office, to his friends home, cyber cafe etc.) Let see how to logout or terminate Facebook logged in session,


Remote Logout or Terminate Logged In Facebook Sessions

1. Login to your Facebook account

2. Go to your Facebook account settings from the right top menu as shown in the image below


Facebook Profile Setting


3. Now click Account Security Section, and under account activity you will see information about all the Facebook sessions with your account with last accessed time, location on which if you hover your mouse will give you IP address and device type like iPhone, Browser on your computer etc.


If any of the activity Facebook sessions which you find suspicious, you can terminate or logout the user from your Facebook account by clicking the End Activity link.


Keep Track On Facebook Account Suspicious Activities

We would suggest you to change your Facebook password after you logged the suspicious user out of your Facebook account, in order to be safe next time. Check out Google Plus Theme Like Facebook.


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  1. Avatar for Sandeep Kale

    Yes, but when you do this and attempt to end the other sessions it does not respond. It just keeps trying and never actually closes them.

    Does anyone else have this problem?

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