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5 Cheap Android Phones 2012

You see the commercials and advertisements for the latest in Android smartphones. These app packed devices are taking the market by storm and with some of them in the $400 and $500 price ranges, it is sometimes hard to get your hands on one. However, as technology progresses, Android phone prices drop as well. Those who have been waiting to get their hands on an Android phone are now able to get them cheaper than ever. Here are 5 cheap Android phones that budget shoppers can afford.

Cheap Android Phones

1) Motorola Atrix 2 (Android Phone)

Those who are looking for a cheap phone with plenty of power, the Motorola Atrix 2 are a great option. With a dual-core processor and a price tag starting at $49, you can easily afford to jump into the Android market without breaking the bank. It comes with a 4.3 qHD display, a 1 GHz dual-core processor, and 1 GB dual channel RAM. Though some of the image quality isn’t comparable to the higher end phones, it is a great starter for those who are new to the Android community.

Android Motorola Atrix


2) Motorola Droid Bionic (Android Phone)

If you want to get a phone that is blazing fast and full of entertainment, then the Droid Bionic is what you’re looking for. This phone comes packed with entertainment and business features that will keep you occupied for hours. It includes a dual-core processor and is available for Verizon’s 4G network, giving it the speed you need wherever you need it. With the included HD video capture you will be able to record and share video quickly and easily, and at $79, you can’t beat the price.


3) T-Mobile MyTouch 4G Slide (Android Phone)

If you are into taking pictures and sharing your life in photos, then the MyTouch is the phone for you. With one of the best cameras on the market you won’t be disappointed in the quality of each picture taken. It includes a wide range of camera modes and tools that allows you to create art in photography. With all of that and plenty of room for apps, a price tag of $120, and amazing speed, you won’t be disappointed.


4) Samsung Epic Touch 4G (Android Phone)

Another great phone in the $120 price range is the Samsung Epic Touch. This 4G compatible phone includes a clear and bright AMOLED Plus display, fantastic performance, and a camera that won’t disappoint. Combine that with the speed of 4G and you have a great phone at a great price.


5) HTC Sensation 4G (Android Phone)

This is another 4G phone with a dual-core processor that offers lightning fast speed and great performance. The Sensation lives up to its name with a gorgeous qHD display and a curvy design. It comes with a camera for video and photo capture however; some say the video quality is less than what is expected for $150. If you are looking for a fast and stylish phone however, this is the one for you.

HTC Android

Android Mobile World

The world of mobile phones is constantly changing. With advancements in smartphone technology, the current technology allows us to save on the features we want. Take a moment to revisit Android powered phones if you are looking for an upgrade from your current mobile phone. Shop around for the best deals on android phones and the plans that come with them.


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    According to battery performance HTC gets more higher score. And HTC has 4g too. so as per many technical blogs i have found that in this list HTC is best in performance and price.

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