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The Basic Features Your Mobile Phone

We have seen a lot of advanced mobile phone available. There are some that will allow you to open your Facebook accounts. There are even units that enable you to watch television programs.

Every year, mobile phone manufacturers improve their units. But do you really need it?


Mobile Phone Features

Originally, mobile phones are used for communication. Now, mobile phone is being marketed for entertainment purposes as well. Before you get a unit that has all the entertainment value, you have to check if mobile phone still has the basic features that we all need. You might be thinking what are these features? I’m here to lay those down to you.

The Basic Features your Mobile Phone Should Have



What Are The Features, Your Mobile Phone Should Offer

Can your mobile phone be used for calling ?

This is common sense. Even if your phone can connect to the internet and can play thousands of videos, it will be useless if it can’t make a call. The new mobiles phones don’t give much importance to the calling feature. Hence, you can’t hear the other party’s voice clearly. But in reality, this should be the best feature of any model whether old or new unit.


Can you still send SMS and MMS with your mobile phone?

I know that a lot of new mobile phones allow you to check your email. However, that would still require internet access. I believe that it is more practical if you send an SMS with your mobile phone. This is better if you want the recipient to read your messages immediately. As a result, you’ll get a response in no time.


Does your mobile phone have a long battery life ?

Do you know what’s the most common problem of the new mobile phones? They don’t last for a long time. They have a lot of applications. Hence, it eats up a lot of battery capacity. If you have a basic mobile phone, you don’t have to worry about that. Your unit can last for even a week.


Does your mobile phone have a strong network signal ?

This can be obtained if you will get your unit from a credible and trusted brand. Actually, I love mobile phones with antenna. But of course, we need to adapt. Only few mobile phones have their antennas. If you are using one, I’m sure you have bought yours years ago. But if mobile phone has a strong signal and you can still make calls, I don’t think there’s a need to replace it.



Obviously, a lot of advertisers push us to get these new phones. But for me, it’s not really important. If you have a device that can help you communicate faster, then that should be enough. Check out some tips and tricks for Selecting Cell Phones for Seniors. Replace your mobile phone if you can’t maximize the unit’s potential and original purpose.

Mobile Phones

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