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Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy S III are worthy of comparison due to the reason that both are great contenders for with only a small difference here and there.

Those who bought Galaxy S III(I9300) could as well have bought the Galaxy Grand( I9082) and still enjoyed the many features. Here is how they compare to each other technically, though price is what determines sales at the end of the day.

Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy Grand vs Samsung Galaxy S III

Samsung Galaxy Grand Vs Samsung Galaxy S III On Design

  • Both the devices are smartphone
  • Samsung Galaxy Grand uses Android 4.1.2 whereas the Samsung Galaxy S III comes with different OS Android versions starting with 4.1.2, 4.1.1, 4.0. 4 and finally the TouchWiz UX UI
  • In form factor there is not a single difference; both use the candy form factor
  • The dimension of Samsung Galaxy Grand and Samsung Galaxy S III only vary slightly, but in terms of weight there is substantial difference between the two with the Galaxy Grand at 162 grams it is much heavier than the Galaxy S III which is only 133 grams
  • The Samsung Galaxy S III has volume control on the right and the lock unlock key on the left
  • The Samsung Galaxy S III also comes in more colors: Black, Pink, Red, Gray, Brown, Blue and white


On Display

  • The Grand has a much bigger display to boast about, compared with the S III which is smaller by 0.2 inches with the 5 inches in the Grand
  • In terms of resolution the Grand (480 x 800)is a poor cousin to the Samsung Galaxy S III which has a superior resolution of 720 x 1280 giving sharper and brilliant color reproduction
  • On the pixel density too, the S III comes out with fly colors at 306 pxi compared with 187 for the Grand
  • The Grand uses TFT technology for the display where as the S III uses the superior Super AMOLED
  • There isn’t any difference between the two models of Samsung when it comes to color factor
  • Here again both have capacitive multi touch screen
  • Feature wise for display both have the light sensor proximity sensor, but the S III in addition has scratch resistance glass


On Battery

  • The Grand is almost half when it comes to talk time compared with the 22.50 which is the standard for S III
  • The idling standby time for the Grand is again vastly lesser at 18.3 days compared with 34.6 days for the S III
  • There is not comparative study details available for talk time on 3G services, but indications that the S III is marginally better on both
  • Both the smartphone use 2100 mAH batteries based on Li-Ion technology


In General

  • System memory for both is 1024 MB for both, but S III uses dual-channel chips
  • In the built-in storage the difference is substantial with Grand down at 8 GB compared with the 32 GB memory for S III
  • As for storage expansion slot there is no difference between the two
  • Both Phones have 8 megapixel camera, but feature wise there are some improvements in S III which you want see on Grand.


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