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Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500: An Amazing Discovery

Samsung Galaxy is comparable to the Apple iPhone 5. It is as fast as the Apple.  We have already discussed a roundup of rumors and news about marvel of Samsung Galaxy S4 before it’s launch.

Here is discussion about the remarkable specs and features of the Samsung Galaxy S4 which are amazing.

Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500


Samsung Galaxy S4 GT-I9500 Amazing Spec’s Brief

Samsung Galaxy S4 Materials

The Samsung Galaxy S4 is made out of plastic and the anodized aluminum. One may put a new standard for Smartphone design. It is striking, and not fairly anything like before. With that, many customers favor plastic to metal in a phone, so you might want to experiment on your own to find your preference.

As the plastic has the greater advantage of being lighter than the aluminum, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is nine percent lighter than its contemporaries.



Samsung Galaxy S4 has a sharp display of 1080p with a larger screen and sufficient real estate. The display of the phone uses Super AMOLED technology.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Display



The Samsung Galaxy S4 is faster. But as high-end Smartphone engines have surpassed in the speed the requirements of the performance of most of the apps are right now may not show the dissimilarity wherever but in yardsticks.



The handset is equipped with 2GB of Random Access Memory.



Samsung Galaxy S4 can enjoy the speedy network advantage if your local carrier prop up LTE.



The Samsung Galaxy S4’s battery clings to more back up . Capacity is not a perfect measurement of the exact life of the battery , but it never damages the chances of S4.



In case of perfection of camera the Samsung Galaxy S4 has the dominance over the other phones of the similar rank. The pixels of the S4 are bigger than the Ultrapixels like HTC. It has 1/3″ backlit CMOS sensor and f2.0 aperture.

Samsung Galaxy S4 Camera



In respect of a system of the core operation, the Samsung Galaxy S4 is a complete edition of Android. The custom maker UIs placing on the peak of Android, Samsung is approaching its TouchWiz as firm as it can.

Thus, it tries to keep itself distant from underlying OS from Google. This indicates innumerable innovative features that are more or less overpowering to recapitulate.


Wrap Up

You might be able to discriminate the phones target audiences effortlessly like comparing one for one customer, and the other is better for other customers. All of the marketing drive is moving in the direction of Samsung. The Samsung Galaxy S4 will likely sell more than the other by leaps and bounds.

Samsung is aware how to hurl all leaving behind marketing to make the most of its devices already considerable plea. But if you put that aside and are only looking for the best Android phone of early 2013, you have an easy option in front of you with Samsung Galaxy S4.


Brand Confidentiality

The market must understand in right way how the product is different from the others. It is an Android phone that aims at being noticeable in the crowd more as Samsung than as a mere Android phone. Samsung is now going to enter unexplored territory as a leading exponent in many fields.

To maintain that covering, it may have to launch many other products like Samsung Galaxy S4 to maintain ‘business as usual’ approach.

Mobile Samsung

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