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Top Free Puzzle Games For Android Smartphones

With the advent of android smart-phones and tablets, mobile devices are used for more than just communication tools. Especially, if you have an Android driven Smartphones, there would be loads of free apps to download and make the most of your Android experience.

Another enjoyable feat is the immense stock of free games Android provides! With new additions being made to their games library with every passing day, you really need to be updated to be able to access the best ones.

Downloading free Android games on your Smartphones would be one of the most suitable ways to pass leisure. Most of them are a heady cocktail of excitement and fun that is likely to keep you engaged for hours. Some of the popular free Android games to download have been listed below.



Some Exciting Free Android Games You Can Play

Bubble Blast 2 Android Smartphones Game

This is a game that would keep you completely engaged and mesmerized. So much so that once you start, chances are that you never be able to stop! This one is a puzzle game that allows you to burst bubbles for triggering a chain reaction for eliminating them.




Hence, as you continue bursting the bubbles, the chain simply goes on and on. The game is available in two different modes, the Puzzle Mode which has as many as 9500 levels and the arcade mode that would allow you to play freely.

Download Bubble Blast 2 Android Game


Angry Birds Android Smartphones Game

Angry birds is certainly one of those games you simply should not miss. Here, you would be using the powers possessed by the angry birds in order to destroy the fortresses of the greedy pigs.


Angry Birds Android Smartphone Game


The primary aim is to ensure the survival of the birds. You can choose to dish out revengeful attacks on the greedy pigs who have stolen their eggs. Every bird would possess some special powers that can be put to use. However, angry birds are a game meant for those who are willing to use their logical powers and skills for triumph. You would need to engage physics based tactics of game-play. The game truly posses long replay value and can be indulged in for putting your time to good use. There are 300 levels to tide through!

Download Angry Bird Android Game


Paradise Island Android Smartphones Game

If you possess an imaginative streak and nurture a love for the sun and the sea, this simulation game is just for you. The game allows you to detach yourself from your mundane work-life and allows you to build an empire of your own on a picturesque sunny island.


Paradise Island Android Smartphone Game


In case you wish to build a business of your own, you can do so too before the rich tourists arrive at your warm beaches with loads of cash to be spent. You could also set up your own facilities for entertainment purposes. So, you can actually transform the entire island into magical tourist resort. Basically, you learn to master business building skills with the aid of this game.

Download Paradise Island Android Game


Apart from the above, there are other thrilling options to include like the Drag Race, Yoo Ninja and Unblock Me as well! Android games not only entertain you, but they also help in acquiring a few skills as well!


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