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How Windows 8 And Cloud Computing Work Together! Let’s Talk

At last, Microsoft is introducing the concept of Cloud Computing in it’s latest operating system, Windows 8. The recent public conference by Microsoft CEO highlighted the fact that launched Windows 8 operating system will definitely offer more opportunity in bringing personal cloud towards mass users, probably billions in number.

But question is how safe is the cloud computing? and how it is going to help you out, let’s see.

How Cloud Computing & Windows 8 work together

An interesting scenario to observe is that Microsoft listed 3 major categories, signifying people’s use of cloud computing for their own personal usage.

Microsoft 3 Major Cloud Computing Categories

  • Device Clouds
  • Fire Clouds
  • Application Clouds


Microsoft 3 Major Cloud Computing Categories

Device Clouds

In the Device Cloud category, contents can be purchased or shared across different devices in a more transparent way. Devices can be any of the electronic medium like Television, mobile phones, etc. Using these devices make the users less concerned about the storage of these contents. One very common example of this particular category is surely Apple’s iCloud.


File Clouds

File Clouds is entirely based on the traditional file storing approach. It provides the users independent access facility simply from anywhere without concerning about the storage medium. One very common example is DropBox. Also, Microsoft’s SkyDrive is another example of this category.


What about Application Clouds?

Any application hosted inside the application cloud framework can be accessed from simply anywhere. However, application cloud framework promises much improved document sharing, storage, and collaboration.

Remember, there is absolutely no requirement to install any client software tool. Also, there is no requirement to use PAY PER USE MODEL. This means that the applications are quite attractive by their own way which allows them to gain approval from users without using any other marketing approaches.

Some of the common examples include Office365, Spotify, Google Apps, etc.


Windows 8 And Cloud Computing

After studying these three category of cloud computing approaches, it will be really interesting to observe how Microsoft incorporate them in its latest version of Windows OS. They are promising to become bigger and better with the launch of Windows 8.

  • Presently, most users who use windows as their primary operating system, will definitely like the concept of cloud computing. In fact, using cloud concept in their windows applications will definitely help in the file sharing process.
  • As far Windows 8 is concerned, cloud accessing will be totally transparent in this OS. As soon a file gets saved, which location is it stored at? Is it in the cloud or somewhere locally?
  • When a picture is clicked from a Windows based smartphone, will it become rightly available to the ones using mobile computer with Windows 8 as the necessary OS.

Microsoft promises all these features available to Windows 8 OS based computers. With Windows 8 and Cloud computing collaborating with each other, the world is going to experience something real big and fascinating.


Final Words About Windows 8 And Cloud Computing

After hearing from the mouth of Microsoft SEO, it can be predicted that soon going to be launched Windows 8 surely has the definite potential to become a seamless data accessing operating system. It will be simply vast in the concept and accessibility features.(If you are planning to to move to cloud computing read more about 3 things to be consider while Preparing To Move to Cloud Computing. )

At the same time, it will have features to improve the security of data after being stored in the cloud. So, let’s keep the fingers crossed and wait eagerly for this wonderfully conceptualized operating system that is more of a cloud than some itzy bitzy boring OS.

Cloud Computing Windows 8

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