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BT Infinity 40Mb Vs Virgin Media 30Mb Broadband Package

In this article we find out whether the BT’s 40Mb/s Package or the Virgin Media’s 30mb/s Broadband Package is better. Some individuals do not bother about speed, as they really do not do much online; but, for some others, super-fast broadband is a must-have, as it makes a huge difference to the level of satisfaction they get from the internet. This is true, especially, for individuals who can be considered as heavy downloads, or for families where many individuals want to get online all at once.

When you have faster download and upload speeds, you will find that your online activities will be much quicker, and you will be able to do high-intensity activities easily and smoothly, without interruptions caused by the connection’s lack of fidelity.

For example, with faster downloads, you will no longer have to wait endlessly in order to download music and movies, or even catch up on TV programs in high-definition.

It is important, however, for you to confirm that you actually need to increase your broadband to fiber broadband, as the cost of signing up for fiber packages can be much more expensive than paying for ADSL broadband.

Virgin Broadband and BT Broadband packages are the ones most often considered by individuals looking to take a fiber optic broadband package. We are going to look at their medium level fiber optic packages to see how they both hold up against each other.


BT And Virgin Media Broadband Package


BT And Virgin Media Broadband Package

Virgin Broadband 30MB Package

Virgin Media is renowned for their provision of fast, reliable internet connections over their wide-reaching cable network. They have topped numerous Ofcom speed tests because of this. The Virgin Media 30Mb/s broadband “XL” service was put in place to replace the former 20Mb/s broadband service. This package delivers average download speeds of 30.62Mb/s.

To get the Virgin Media XL broadband package, you have to pay £18.50, and this covers a cable land-line, too. As a customer on the Virgin Media 30Mb/s XL broadband package, you will get unlimited broadband downloads each month, and you will equally be able to enjoy upload speeds of 3mb/s. This package, however, is subject to a fair usage policy, so the unlimited package is not entirely unlimited.

Presently, there are two additional super-fast packages you can sign up to if you decide that the 30Mb/s service is not for you.

  • Virgin Media 50Mb/s service
  • Virgin Media 100Mb/s service

In line with their goals to continue improving network speeds, it is expected that, by the end of 2013, Virgin Broadband will upgrade this 30Mb/s package to 60Mb/s and the 50 and 100Mb/s packages will be upgraded to 120Mb/s.


BT Broadband 40Mb/s Package

BT Broadband offers three Infinity packages, and the three packages all come with speeds of either 38Mb/s or 76Mbs/s, and they all have different upload and download allowances.

  • The Infinity 1 comes with a 40GB monthly usage cap and an upload speeds of as high as 9.5Mb/s.
  • The Unlimited Infinity 1 package comes with unlimited downloads for the month, and provides as up to 9.5Mb/s in upload speeds.
  • The Unlimited BT 2 deal provides users with as much as 76Mb/s in download speeds, while providing 19Mb/s in upload speeds.

It also provides an unlimited monthly usage allowance. BT claims that this upload speed is presently the fastest in the market. When you are signing up for either of the Infinity 1 packages, you will have to pay a £30 activation charge, unless you can find a deal that costs you less.


What Speed will you Actually Get with Any of These?

Virgin Broadband continually tops the list when it comes to Ofcom broadband speed tests. The 30Mb/s package actually averages speeds of 30.7-31.3Mb/s, which is faster than the speed advertised by the provider.

BT’s Infinity package also performs well in speed tests, but the differences in technologies deployed by the two providers means that BT will not be able to match and exceed advertised speeds, as Virgin Media has done; but, the average speeds posted by BT are still impressive, nonetheless.

Virgin Media employs a technology where cables are run directly to your home, and this will allow you to enjoy more reliable and faster broadband. BT uses the FTTC (fiber to the cabinet) technology to provide subscribers with 38Mb/s broadband packages. With this, the provider only has to run fiber cables to the telephone cabinet nearest to you, and then complete the connection with copper wires.

So, because copper wires are used in the BT infinity connection, there is still some loss of speed. Depending on the distance between your house and the cabinet, the loss of speed can become major, ensuring that you do not get anything near the advertised speeds. On average, though, you can get 30Mb/s in download speeds and minimum upload throughput of 15Mb/s.


Can you get Virgin Media Broadband or BT Infinity in Your Area?

The new speeds are great and tempting but they are not available to everyone, as the whole country is yet to be covered by the two networks.

  • Virgin Media Broadband only covers around half of the UK.
  • While the BT fibre optic network is only available to just over 10 million homes and businesses.

They have plans on the ground to ensure that the network covers 2 out of 3 UK homes by 2014.

One quick way to know if either of the two networks is available in your home is by doing a broadband postcode search to find out what is available in your area. There are numerous sites online that will allow you check this. Alternatively, you can go to the website of your desired provider to see if your area falls under their coverage.


So, there you have it – you have now seen what both packages offer. Someone looking to make a choice would normally feel that Virgin Media is a better alternative, but it doesn’t work that way, as BT could be the provider with the best coverage in your area.

If you are lucky enough to live in a location where they both have strong coverage, you can go ahead and pick either of the two and enjoy the world of super-fast internet.


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