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Custom Logo, Website Or Graphic Designs With DesignCrowd

Most people who post their projects online usually complain about the inefficiency of freelancers and other online agencies. They always crib about the fact that it’s impossible to monitor these online agencies and freelancers and how they can’t force them to increase productivity etc.


Custom logo, Website Or Graphic Designs Services

However, there is a way to get the best work as far as the custom logo, website or graphic designs services are concerned. With DesignCrowd, this is very much a part of reality.

So, what is DesignCrowd, how it has streamlined the whole process of getting your designs online and it can enable you to get designs from some of the best designers from all over the world at the most competitive prices? Let’s try to analyze that.


What is DesignCrowd

DesignCrowd has been making waves in online communities since it launched in year 2008. DesignCrowd is essentially a Crowdsource Graphic Design site. The fundamental principle behind its roaring success is that it believes in attracting talent to your projects instead of the other way round.


There is no dearth of skilled, talented and creative people in this world and this site effectively taps into this creativity and collective knowledge of these skilled individuals. Let’s try to analyze the different aspects of this amazing website.


How DesignCrowd works?

The working of DesignCrowd is pretty simple yet revolutionary. The whole process starts with a brief that a project owner is required to submit at the start.

How DesignCrowd works

  • Submit project brief

    In order to help the project owner to submit the most accurate brief, there is a set of questions that he needs to answer. These answers enable designers to design the best possible design work for their clients. All the selected designers work on this project independently.

  • Organize a design contest

    Once you submit a brief of your project, this site allows you to organize a design contest within the site. You can select the designers yourself or the designers can contact you.

  • Receive design concepts

    Once the contest is over, you will receive design concepts from all the designers according to brief you have submitted in the beginning.

  • Choose the winner

    As a project owner, you will have complete freedom to structure the payments. You can choose to pay for the top five designs, top two designs or just one overall winner. What’s more, if you don’t like any of the submitted designs, you can easily opt out, and you will get full refund.


Why DesignCrowd site is possibly the best way to get most outstanding designs online?

The approach used by DesignCrowd is entirely different from other online agencies and freelance websites.

The basic problem with online agencies is that many times you have to settle for mediocre work and more importantly, you will be just tapping into the skills of an individual designer. That may be the reason why crowdsourcing approach used by DesignCrowd is better and result oriented.


How designers can be benefited from DesignCrowd?

Contrary to the freelance sites where only the established designers get all the projects, DesignCrowd allows even the new designers to showcase their work. Studies have shown that a good deal of money can be made at this amazing site.

It’s worth mentioning the fact that DesignCrowd has been around for only four years and it has already completed Millions of dollars worth of design projects.

The variety of designers you can find on this site is unparalleled with any other crowd sourcing design site and you can submit your project at any time of the day or night. The popularity of DesignCrowd can be imagined from the fact that most of the projects receive more than 100 submissions within just a couple of days.



All in all, DesignCrowd is an outstanding service for people who are looking for quality design work online at affordable prices.

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