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Advantage Of PC Technology Over Consoles

The next generation of consoles has created some major ripples in the gaming industry. Yet not everyone is excited about it. These are the PC gamers. They fail to understand why everyone is so fussed about being able to have a slightly better console before.

It’s because they could buy a PC instead and have it last for much longer and provide them with better results. We inspect why PC technology still has the advantage over consoles.

PC Technology advantages over consoles

PC Technology Advantage Over Consoles

Supports Better Graphics

PCs support superior graphics cards. They have better graphics and better processors, allowing for more things on the screen at the same time. It’s clear why this is the case. A gaming PC will have a large tower block filled with components. There’s only so much you can fit in the body of a console.

Of course, this isn’t the full story. The latest technology is actually quite small. The difference is in the cost. True gaming PCs aren’t mass produced in their hundreds of thousands. Consoles are. This is why consoles will always have lower costs than a comprehensive gaming PC.


More Happening at Once

There’s always more happening at the same time on the screen. You can have bigger battles and better game play. This is because of the difference in technology. The processors used in PCs are much faster than those in consoles. If you tried to replicate the same PC play on a console, you would experience lagging and crashes.


PC Technology Is With Multifunctional

PCs have more functions than a console. Just because you buy a gaming PC doesn’t mean you can’t do all the other things you would normally do on a computer. You can watch films, play music, and download both of these things.

You can do the same thing on consoles, but with a keyboard and mouse it’s much easier to do these things. We all know the pain of having to manually scroll and click each individual letter using a PlayStation or Xbox controller. It’s time-consuming and it’s inferior to what the PC offers through its keyboard.



One thing consoles have always lacked is flexibility. You can’t change them, unless you want to void the warranty. Computers can be changed as much as you like. Custom cases, new graphics cards, and added RAM are all within your control.

You can also change games in whatever way you please. Popular PC games have lots of mods to prolong the lifespan of an average game. Many of these mods change the rules of the game and the graphics. It can lead to PC gamers playing the same title for a year without getting bored.

You get more value for money with a PC because of its longevity and flexibility. This same flexibility doesn’t come with a console. The average playing time of a console game is much shorter than that of anything on the PC.

Despite the advances consoles have made, the level of PC technology will always eclipse the level of console technology. Consoles are only released every few years, whereas new PC components are being released all the time. It’s the flexibility issue which separates technologies between these platforms.


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