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5 SEO Tips For Bloggers – Basic Tutorial

Blogging can be a lucrative online business, but only if you have traffic. Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a way to get that traffic by ensuring that your posts make it to the top pages of Google, but the recent Panda and Penguin algorithm updates make it almost impossible for a new page to rank high.

Effective SEO Tips for New Bloggers

We have already discussed about 7 Effective SEO Basic Tips for New Bloggers. Now with the right SEO plan, you can still rank well, even after these updates.


SEO Tips Or Plan To Rank Site At The Top

On Page SEO Factors

On page factors are those elements on the actual web page that impact SEO. There are some aspects of the page that you cannot control, but others you can. The title tag, which appears on the tabs of your web browser, is one of the most important.

The title tag needs to be less than 70 characters and contain at least one of your keywords. If possible, have it contain more than one of your keywords. Remember, this does not have to be a sentence, so you could make your title tag be the name of your blog, a dash and the main theme of your blog.

In addition to the title tag, you need to pay attention to your content. Fresh, relevant content that is lightly peppered with keywords and updated regularly appeals to the search engines. Also, well-written content that people want to share with others will also help your optimization efforts.


Off Page SEO Factors

Links, and the value of those links, are increasingly important in SEO. You no longer want to get as many links as possible to your site. Instead, you want to get as many high-qualities, organic links as possible, and you want those links to contain relevant text, but not necessarily keywords, as the anchor text.

To accommodate this, consider doing some guest blogging for high-ranking blogs. Avoid buying links or placing them in directories that are not related to your site, because getting too many backlinks too quickly can actually damage your rank.


Press Releases

Can you think of a newsworthy topic about your business? If so, then consider writing a press release and sending it to major news websites or radio stations. You can also submit them to press release sites, like PRWeb. If you are not a writer, hire a writer to create the press releases for you. Google loves press releases. Always include a link in the “About Us” section at the end of the press release to improve your rank.


Keyword Selection

Keywords are vital to your success in SEO, and you need to choose them carefully, but use them sparingly. Jot down a list of potential keywords and search terms you want people to use when searching for your blog, then start using these in your content. If you have particularly important keywords, dedicate a page on your blog to each one.

As you are doing this, do not write for the search engines, adding too many keywords to each piece. Google penalizes keyword stuffing quite strongly. Always write for the reader, and use the keywords where they fit naturally.

Finally position your keywords carefully, spreading them evenly over the site. Surround your main keywords with other related keywords. For instance, if your keyword is “pet friendly hotels,” add “pets can stay” and “travel with pets” in the sentences around the main keyword.


Site Mapping

Finally, make sure your site contains a site map, which is something bloggers often forget. The site map helps you get indexed more quickly and gives the search engine spiders something to mull over. It acts as a blueprint for your blog, and you can easily add one if your blog is on Word Press with the Google XML Sitemaps plug-in.


Bottom Line

If your blog is invisible in the search engines, you will struggle to gain new traffic. With these five steps, you can improve your SEO and page rank, thus improving your chances of online success through your blog. It takes a little bit of time to implement these best practices, but the results are well worth the effort.


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