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Five Ways to Market your Business on Pinterest

Market my Business on Pinterest? TRUE. In contemporary times, the internet has become a medium people use to connect with individuals and personalities who Pinterest is a unique way of marketing yourself.

Instead of talking about something using the written word, use a picture. They say a picture is worth a thousand words, and it is. Use this phrase to its fullest by learning how to market yourself via this social networking website.

Market your Business on Pinterest

To the uninitiated, Pinterest can seem confusing. Here are five ways to market your business on Pinterest.


5 Ways to Market your Business on Pinterest

Start on the Right Foot

Set up your account. Before doing anything with your newly registered account, focus on branding. Brand everything you can. Use your business name and logo. The different sections on Pinterest correspond to the sort of pins you’ll have on there. Name them using keywords people will search for.

You want your Pinterest account to appear on Google. You also want other users to be able to find you via the website’s search engine.


Be Original

80 per cent of the pictures posted on profiles are just repins of other things. The majority of users spend all day sifting through other accounts in the hope they’ll find something they like. You could wish for this to happen too. It’s not going to make you stand out from the competition, though.

Create your own content by taking pictures of your business and the various activities of your staff members. Remember to link them back to your website otherwise you’ll be breaking copyright laws by not giving proper credit for your pins.


Act Visually

Dry information can be displayed in a way which is visually appealing. One of the ways you can do this is by making up a funny quote and turning it into a picture. Make sure it says something about your business and what it stands for. Most of the viral pictures coming from Pinterest come from quotes.

Another option is to make an infographic to show statistics. They’re popular at the moment and it’s possible to make them humorous too.


Market Contests

Market a contest by making a poster. Make the prize something unique but low-cost to you. There’s also nothing wrong with offering something luxurious and making it appear as if it’s a great expense on your part. Furthermore, good competitions require very little input on the part of the participant.

Link it back to your website by saying you can only enter by visiting this website. It drives traffic to a place where you can begin promoting your other products and services.


Pinterest Analytic

Pinterest analytic tells you what’s working and what isn’t. It’s only available for business users and you’ll have to go through the verification process before you have access to it. It tells you how much exposure your pins are getting. This will direct your campaign by informing you about what’s working and what isn’t.

Like with any social media campaign, it requires time until you start seeing results. Unless you stumble upon something viral, it’s unlikely you will become an instant hit over night. Whilst it doesn’t require a significant financial investment, it does require time and constant repetition to start seeing results.

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