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The Social Revolution, In Just 5 Steps For Companies

The Social Revolution! We will never tire of repeating the importance to businesses, to open, always and even more to the world of social, and now social media usage are on the rise.

In some cases, we have also shown how to avoid some of the people who netiquettes Web 2.0 just does not go down.

Social Revolution Rules

Blogmeter Research

Blogmeter reported to the IAB Forum Milano the results of a search conducted on 88 brands looking to see how, and how, interact with the people of the Net 57% of businesses, real company, has not (not yet!) An Italian fan page active.

The research is guided by several points of the relationship between the number of fans and participation of the same is one of them, and then it turns out that Yogurt has only one third of the fans of the most popular Nivea. But clearly beats by number of comments, like and posts published. In this sense it is also the case of illuminating Canon.

The company is ranked tenth in the number of fans, but the highest number of posts published, because he will be given the opportunity to post photos to users?

If we can get an indication given that the previous example, what about yogurt and Nivea, the same happened with Yogurt which allowed to post and Nivea not.

Cornet, the main product for interaction, leave much room for comments and to external comments see Samsung hoist himself first.

Mark Massarotto, Founder of Hagakure has identified five points on the behavior that a company must take on the web or on social network today, at the time of Wikinomics, Web 2.0 economy.


Five Points To Be Consider For Social Revolution

Social Revolution Rule1: There is not just Facebook

Companies like Facebook because it’s easy and it works, but you must understand that the speaker on Zuckerberg’s social network also does well in the forum at Twitter and the rest of the Web (Read – tips to synchronize social media platforms).

It ‘a unique platform, but this is the tip of an iceberg consisting of thousands of conversations on the search engines have more visibility.

Expand, therefore, the strategy and stay up to date on what are the hottest stages of conversation and sharing and we Puntoblog we fully agree.


Social Revolution Rule2: Space of users

Another thing to consider is that which is the space of users and it is wrong to dictate the rules. On the Internet, people are used to assemble and disassemble, to build and manipulate their message to the brand. Using the same approach, by imposing terms not to use logos or registered, which has the world of publishing or printing is counterproductive.

And one of the things that companies are struggling to understand and implement. It makes no sense, in fact it is counterproductive to give users a place to “censor” the same.


Social Revolution Rule3: Encourage participation

It has a million fans, and then what? We must have the desire and courage to get involved and motivate users to participate. Two examples are those of Activia of Danone. Which has asked the fans what they wanted to taste and four tastes has followed the advice in the production phase, and Fiat, which brought 1,500 “friends” to do a test drive.

2-3% then purchased the car: it is a new marketing channel to complement to traditional ones.

The examples are self-illuminating, to feel important to users is the first step, but not enough as we will see the board number five.


Social Revolution Rule4: Select the information

Talking to a journalist, a blogger or a surfer on Facebook is obviously not the same thing. And demonstrated that consumers want information, discounts and benefits.

The page should not be a showcase for press releases or launches, should bring something interesting and engaging for the user, which would otherwise flee to other places via Google.

Again it is a way to do that is to have a decisive rupture with the past. Where before the company was talking to customers now, there must be an interaction, in fact, better yet, you should pay more attention to the board number five.


Social Revolution Rule5: Listening to consumers

The prerogative of the dialogue is listening. These require new platforms, and that of Activia is a good example, an awareness of the wishes of consumers.

Comments, criticisms and demands must become a starting point for the subsequent decisions of a company that once opened the Pandora’s box of questions and answers can no longer be the same regardless.

And ‘largest revolution, the real challenge. Listening to the consumer has become prosumer, a new actor who, in a positive way, to a flywheel for your business like no press release but, nevertheless, shall be heard in a negative sense, far more than any press release defensive.

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