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Get More Google+ ( Google Plus ) Followers

Google plus is proving to be a very important player in the social media marketing game. The tools within the social site allow marketers to have more control over their promotion. However, gaining followers on Google plus can be difficult, mostly because it is still a new site. Regardless, there are ways you can increase your new follower rate. Consider these tips.


Get More Google Plus Followers


Get More Google+ ( Google Plus ) Follower

Promote your Google plus account on other social media sites

If you are trying to get more followers on Google plus, then there is a good chance that you have a decent following on Facebook or Twitter. Let your current followers and fans know that you have a Google plus account and are actively using it to inform your customers about new developments within your company. If you place a link to your account, many of the people who see your posts will follow your Google plus account. Already Google Plus Deleted Private Profiles by July 31, 2011.

Add people to your circles

When you first start a Google plus account, you will be prompted to add people to your network. This is a good start to getting more followers of your own. Add people and groups that are either relevant or interested in your company.

Moreover, the circles feature allows you to strategically target various consumers or groups, giving you more control over your campaign.

Interact with others

Google plus is almost like a hybrid of Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. By this I mean that when you comment on other users’ statuses, people who follow them can see that and also interact with you.

You may have noticed that when you use hash tags on Twitter or send a direct comment to someone, you may wake up the next day with new followers. Those new followers probably found your profile by seeing your comments. The same tactic is true for Google plus.

Encourage other people’s’ comments

While you are interacting with others on their status updates, +1 any comment that you think adds value to the conversation. You can also send them a direct reply by entering the + symbol and then typing their name. That person will receive a notification that you have directly replied to them within a status update conversation.

Include a link to your Google plus account on everything

You have a footprint on the Web. If you create articles on various article sites, such as Hubpages and Ezine Articles, you should always include the link to your Google plus account. If you create videos on YouTube, leave a link to your account in the description box. People will never find your Google plus account unless you let them know you have one and include a link.

And if  you are crazy about Facebook and you want your Google Plus account theme like Facebook you can also change it very easily.


All it takes is a little work on your part to secure new followers for your account. The rule of thumb is to stay as engaged as possible. Let people know that you are there on Google Plus and let them know how to find you.

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