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Why You Don’t Need a Twitter Account

Twitter is one of the most popular social networking sites, and it’s a relative newcomer to the scene. It was buzzed about constantly in 2011, and it quickly rose to being a must-have for everyone from teens to local businesses to major corporations to celebrities. It centers on the concept of condensing your thoughts so that they can be quickly shared in 140-character-or-less tweets. It’s created such buzzwords as “retweet” and “#hashtag.” People are even hosting Twitter Parties. The Twitter icon is a new staple of just about every website, right next to the Facebook icon and RSS feed button. The little white bird on a blue background has successfully infiltrated and made it necessary for everyone to create a Twitter profile or risk being behind the curve.

Why You Don’t Need a Twitter Account

Don’t Have A Twitter Yet? Don’t worry.

Don’t have a Twitter yet? Don’t worry. Some people might think it’s odd that you haven’t joined, but don’t let their disappointment give you the wrong impression. You’re not missing out on anything by not having a Twitter. It’s super trendy, but it’s nothing like Facebook. There are lots of great uses for Facebook, and without a Facebook account you might be a little lost. But you absolutely don’t need a Twitter account, and here are some reasons why.

Twitter Account – Reasons Why You Don’t Need It

It’s an Ineffective Way to Communicate

If you want to get in touch with your friends or distant relatives, Twitter isn’t your best option. It’s incredibly hard to have a conversation. All your tweets and replies are lost in your main stream and separated from each other rather than being in the same place. Your messages are interspersed between other tweets. The person you’re tweeting to could easily miss the message, and your other friends will read it and be confused because they missed the earlier tweets. And if your friends aren’t followers of the person you’re speaking with, they’d only get to read your half of the conversation anyway.


You Aren’t Going to Get Stellar Deals

One of the popular uses of Twitter is to follow your favorite stores, brands, bands, etc. and hope that you can score some awesome savings. Yes, sometimes there are special deals for Twitter followers. But unless you’re constantly checking Twitter, you’re probably going to miss them. And they’re not that much better anyway.


140 Characters is Rarely Enough

The forced brevity of Twitter makes saying anything truly meaningful very difficult. Add a retweet or a #hashtag, and you cut your available space even further. This makes for a lot of annoying tweets by people who try to find any way possible to shorten their messages, by using “2” instead of “to” and making up abbreviations you can’t even understand. And because most people can’t write anything extremely interesting or worthwhile in 140 characters, you get a lot of narcissistic tweets like, “Going to eat my breakfast!” and, “Just finished doing my hair!”


There’s Too Much Spam

Spammers love Twitter. You’ll get a lot of “followers” that are really trying to get you to visit a porn site or entice you with fake “free” offers. This problem is much more widespread on Twitter than on Facebook. Combine that with your gullible friends who retweet everything they read, and your feed is clogged up with way too many tweets you could do without.


The only reason you could ever possible need a Twitter account is because you’re curious about what all the fuss is about. And once you get to using it, you just might find it’s not that exciting anyway. The tweets are too inconsequential, and there are many more effective communication channels like Facebook or texting. Don’t get sucked into the Tw

So evaluate yourself before going for a twitter account.

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