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Does Promoting Book On Social Media Provide Good Sales?

Why social media? Many authors may face a dilemma regarding the publication of their book. Publishers want to publish books that already have a following on various social media through excerpts and short passages of the book.

This is significant because then the publishers will feel safe that the book is going to have an audience and they are going to get their profit, hence making it more lucrative for literary agents.

Promoting Book On Social Media Provide Good Sales

Why To Promote Book On Social Media

How to go about your promotion?

The trick is how to leash the approval of like-minded people who share a similar passion as you and thus will be prompted to read your book. You have to find and connect with them and give them the impression that you are going to be the next literary giant.


Start blogging!

The obvious thing is to start blogging. The blogs should capture the mind of the readers. It should show your wit, and talent. You can also tell readers about hot you gain insights and inspirations. Show your passion for particular topics. Include some interesting details about your past, and your achievements or education that establish you in the field.

Guest blog for established bloggers and in the guest post, provide a link to your own blog. You can join communities on social media that cater to the particular genre of the book you are writing about. Then you can pitch your articles to TheRumpus, TheMillions, and the like, which will establish you in the writing community, owing to their large audience.


Get connected

Write a little about books you admire and write reviews for them. This can be a mutual process, in which those authors can write a similar review for you and both promote each other.

Share this engaging content on social media like Facebook, Twitter, etc. and have your own regularly updated page on Facebook, and tweet regularly.

Be active and try to gear attention by talking to people and showcasing your wit, and sense of humor to attract people. Making friends is essential as they will help promote your cause.


Work hard to promote book o social media

Work for your own success. GoodReads is an awesome platform on Facebook for book lovers. Here you can not only rate and review well-known books, but also create your profile, connect with folllowers of similar books and authors,and thus gain your own following.

Then there are writing groups on which you can join. Of course social media alone can not do it. You must get out and about. Attend writer’s conferences. Try to meet up similar authors and ask for their tips to success.however, its an ongoing process. You get up little by little. You cant get thousands of followers in just days. It’s a time consuming and exhausting job.


Its not a numbers game!

Some authors just focus on numbers. Its important to remember that whatever litle communication you have with people, you should make sure that they take a lasting impression from you, not just a fleeting one, because it is easy to get lost amongst many in this literary world.

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