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How To Choose The Right E Readers

Choosing the right E Readers doesn’t have to be difficult or complicated. For the reading enthusiast, the right E Readers can be a wonderful addition for traveling or just for someone who is frequently on the go. Thanks to the latest technology, one has a wide variety of devices to choose from that are available on the market today.


Right E Readers for You


The choice of E Readers depends on what features one would like and what suits their situation best. Some devices are smaller, thinner, and more lightweight, it depends on how much one can afford to pay. Some devices weigh only a few ounces, while others weigh up to a pound.



How To Choose The Right E Readers for You

Choosing the Right Screen

One of the first things one should do is determine what type of screen is right for them and their reading needs. The buyer should really spend some time looking at, and trying out different types of screens to determine what they are most comfortable using.

There are many to choose from, black and white, e-ink, and even back lighting if one prefers. A particular favorite is the screen that uses something called e-paper, which is as close to actual book paper as one can find. This feature is easy on the eyes and also nice for sitting outdoors, as it doesn’t glare like some other types of screens.


Color vs Black and White

Although if one uses E Readers to read mostly books and novels, black and white works just fine. On the other hand, if one enjoys downloading the latest magazines or news publications, the color feature is very welcome. The color feature can be useful if one is reading children’s books as well. The color feature is also good when accessing the internet, which many people utilize, especially when traveling.


Battery Life

Life of the battery is fairly important, especially if one is on the go and not close to an electrical outlet. It can be frustrating when one is in the middle of a section in a favorite ebook, or even while downloading data and the battery goes dead. The Kindle promises have battery life for a month based on 30 minutes of reading per day, with the wireless feature off. If one leaves the wireless feature on the 3 weeks before one has to charge battery.



E Readers are capable of holding thousands of books in the memory. Again, it will depend on what type of media one would need or want. Aside from books and written publications, one can download and view MP3s, movies and videos on E Readers if they wish. In addition to the memory that comes standard with the device, memory cards are also available to increase the memory for pictures, movies, etc.


Newest Gadgets

One can always expect to pay more for E Readers, the more features, bells and whistles it contains. One must ask if will this device be used for primarily reading books, or movies, Mp3s, and other media.

Some of the more popular brands include the Kindle by the Amazon, which has many good reviews and money back guarantee. The Nook by Barnes and Noble, the E-Reader by Kobo, Sony E Readers each with their own unique features, design and memory capacity.

If one is able to go to a store or retail outlet to try the device before buying, that is usually recommended to find what works best and one can ask questions about the individual features as well. Although one may be able to finder a good e-reader second hand, a word of caution here, as it is not always certain as to the quality or reliability of the item. A new device usually has a warranty and can be replaced easier if there is a defect or problem with the device.


Cost of E Readers

The basic, no frills design can be reasonably priced at around $80 for the Kindle from the Amazon. Whereas the full color, Kindle Fire runs about $200 and is able to view movies, apps, games and music. The Nook Tablet by Barnes and Noble ranges from $199-$249. If one is able to pay more for a full featured device, the Apple iPad 2 is a good choice, and also offers reading apps for the Kindle and Nook as well. It does have a price of around $500.

So now you have a some points from which you can select right E Readers for you.

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