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Nook Color, Good Alternative For Kindle Fire

Nook Color Vs Kindle Fire – If you haven’t been bitten by the eBook bug, I assure you will be soon. Since August 2010, eBook sales have gone up more than 116 percent and the numbers keep climbing. This means better innovation and development of eReader, more choices and lower overall prices—Merry Christmas to us!

But what eReader should you choose? Amazon and Apple tout their Kindle Fire and iPad, respectively, as the top choice, but are they really the best? Personally, I don’t think so, at least based off what you pay. Barnes & Noble’s Nook Color is not only an affordable alternative to the iPad and Kindle Fire, it’s a top performing device you should be aware of.

Nook Color Good Alternative to Kindle Fire

Desire for more than only an eReader

When I decided to jump into the eBook explosion, I was excited at the mere thought of carrying around an entire library of my favorite literature in a single, portable device. However, I was also leery of the hype being pushed online. That’s why I turned to Barnes and Noble, the largest bookstore in the world, for the answer. With their new holiday update, the Nook Color provides features comparable to its more expensive counterparts.


Nook Color, Alternative to Kindle Fire

1) There’s a new Flixster app, which enables you to view TV shows and movies while on the move, using the UltraViolet standard (a new streaming technology utilized through the cloud).

2) You can now watch your favorite TV shows through your Netflix account.

3) PagePerfect Books brings you image eBooks, such as cookbooks, graphic novels, comics, and art books retain their original printed beauty, only now in digital form.

4) Nook Comics are great for your kids. Now you can view your favorite Marvel comics in blissful color, always in perfect condition, to be viewed at any time you feel the impulse. In fact, Barnes and Noble claims to have the largest collection of Marvel graphic novels available to members.

5) The update also includes over 100 enhancements to the Nook Color, such as landscape and portrait modes, better font size selection, the built-in dictionary and much more.

Nook Color Alternative to Kindle Fire


In addition to the upgrade, the Nook Color has features similar to an iPad, making it a viable alternative.


Nook Color features similar to an iPad, making it a viable alternative

a) The VividView Touchscreen with Nook Color

Providing 16 million bright colors across its super-sensitive 7-inch display. There’s virtually no glare with this screen to distract you from the best reading or viewing experience possible.

b) Periodicals

You can enjoy all of your favorite newspapers and magazines the instant they’re released, including interactive versions with video and other extras.

c) Popular Apps with Nook Color

Games, weather, crosswords, chess and music apps like Pandora are available through your Nook Color.

d) NOOK Kids

No one beats the collection of interactive kids’ books provided by Barnes and Noble. Not only can I read these to my children in full color with bright, brilliant pictures, the stories come to life with Read to Me narrations.

e) Largest Bookstore in the World

2.5 million titles available across Wi-Fi in seconds and you can share them with friends and family through Facebook and Twitter or lend books with LendMe.

f) Nook Color Internet Access

Color Nook also provides fast browsing, built-in Wi-Fi so you can check your email and even go shopping online if the mood takes you.

g) A Powerful Battery with Nook Color

The Nook battery allows you to read for eight hours without having to recharge.

h) Personalize your Nook

You have more personal configuration options with your Nook Color than you’ll find on the Kindle Fire, which for me, enhanced the personal experience, truly making the device mine.


Don’t Forget the Support

I don’t think this can be said enough. Unlike the Kindle Fire or any of the Amazon eReader products, you can walk into any Barnes and Noble store and talk to a support rep face-to-face. Get hands-on help, instead of having to send your device through the mail each time you have a problem.


So if money is a serious consideration and you’re looking for comparable features as you break into the world of eBooks and eReader, consider the Nook Color. At only $199, you couldn’t ask for a better, well-rounded experience. So that’s why we can say Nook Color is Good Alternative.


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    To me, the iPad is too large. I can fit the Nook or Fire in a pocket.

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    Nook color price $199 seems to be fine for me as it looks really trendy

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    Nook Color, looks really interactive, I hope it will be soon in the market so I will try it :)

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