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Top 3 Cost Effective Online Backup Services

In the following lines you will get to know about 3 of the most cost effective and reliable online backup services that you can choose to go with.

Cost Effective Online Backup Services


Cost Effective Online Backup Service

Mozy Online Backup Services

Mozy is known to be one of the most reliable and cost effective online backup service providers that allows you to enjoy 125GB of storage space at the cost of $7.99 only! This is surely the perfect package for any company, as they are getting the security as well as space at a meager cost! Mozy is known for its core feature which is Referral Program and Full Restore, as that’s the thing in which it excels.

Mozy allows you to backup and share your:

  • Files
  • Photos.
  • Videos
  • Audio Files

Besides that, you can access all of you files anywhere you want and without any hassle, even on your mobile devices, and this is the thing which makes it a perfect package for common people as well as business professionals who are always on the go!

Mozy offers you to go select between any of its two online backup service packages, these include:

  • Mozy Home – Just as the name suggests, Mozy Home is designed for non – commercial purposes, but it can still be used for businesses purposes too, as most of its features can just go well with most of the businesses.
  • Mozy Pro – While on the other hand, Mozy Pro has all the features of Mozy Home, followed by some of the extra ordinary features that are there to fulfill all of your corporate needs.
  • Mozy Enterprise – Backup with IT controls, Backup for the enterprise with online admin console and active Directory integration.



Carbonite Online Backup Service

Carbonite is known for its efficient and best file management followed by performing Idle backups, and this the thing which makes it stand out among the rest! Carbonite is another cost effective online backup service provider that offers you 50Gb of space only for $4.91. The company was founded in 2005, and has been running successfully since that time, hence facilitating its users at its peak.

Carbonite has offered three different online backup service plans for its users to select from, these include:

  • Home
  • Home Plus
  • Home Premier

Carbonite offers you with different features with dynamic accessibility from Web & Mobile. Besides that you can also conduct a complete External HDD backup, mirror image backup, Video Backup and a lot more! Hence it is surely the thing that you are looking for, while its different business packages give you an extra edge in your online backup.


Live Drive Online Backup Service

It is another top of the line online backup services provider that offers you extra ordinary security, as all the data that is stored online is encrypted in order to provide you with the maximum security.

Live Drive by far is the most cost effective online backup services provider, and this is because at the price of $7.95, you will get unlimited storage space, hence making it the ultimate need of small as well as large sized corporation.

Live Drive’s different packages give you an extra edge over others, so you can select any of its packages as per your needs.


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